Brief Encounters is an interdisciplinary performance series that fuses genres and pushes artistic boundaries.

Based in Vancouver, we’ve supported 308 artists in the production of 153 new collaborative works, over 21 Volumes and 10 special editions.

Along with a Guest Programmer, we choose 10 artists who inspire us and match them in 5 unusual pairs. The partners meet for the first time 2 weeks before the show. From this point on, the only criteria is that they perform a new collaboration.



Kristina Lemieux / Artistic Producer
kristina [at] briefencounters [dot] ca

Brief Encounters was founded in 2005 by Mara Branscombe & Katy Harris-McLeod of Tomorrow Collective Arts Society


We often need volunteers before and during our productions: contact us

We maintain a list of artists interested in participating in Brief Encounters. Please email kristina [at] briefencounters [dot] ca with information about what you do and links to view your work


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