Brief Encounters Express May 22, 2014 8:15 PM

Posted on May 22, 2014

Starting at 2pm today
Barbara Adler (Musician) + Nita Bowerman (Performance Artist)
created this piece for live performance and online streaming.
Read more about the concept.

Please give your feedback and comments below.

Start watching at 6:52.


I trust you to know what to do with the camera more than me. 

Light yes or no, we can be adaptable...


so i see that i build for live theatre where you can focus and let wander the naked eye.  i am not kind to film. the problem i see with zooming out too far is that great detail gets lost. what if we took it in 4 sections/'stages'/frames?

image 1 - pre-show banter

image 2 - the depths, the climb

image 3 - on the same plain, rocks up stairs

image 4 - on the top platform

i like the idea of selective zooms, maybe when we are on the same plain. 

i wonder what is causing the pixilating? i wonder why the image is fuzzy? I don't necessarily mind image distortion, but it would be nice to make the image more clear and fluid. 

i think we need a light on the top platform for tomorrow night.

also, Barbara, i'm loving the banter. just saying...

rain might come...and that could change quite a lot.

BriefEncounters moderator

I love the sounds of the banging on the stairs.

BriefEncounters moderator

I wonder if less camera movements would help increase the quality of the video. I'd like to hear what Nita and Barbara would like the focus of the camera to be - my desire would be to pull out more.


Image quality is a bit fuzzy - probably just the rain or my poor internet connection!

BriefEncounters moderator

@nitab We will do what we can about adding the additional light. May not be possible.

Re pixelation: I think keeping the camera as still as possible and moving the focus as little as possible will help a lot. But there is only so much that can be done about the internet speed. The images are being captured in HD as well.


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