New Look for Brief Encounters

Posted on Jan 13, 2014


Brief Encounters is a place where artists, skill, curiosity and community come together. An experimental yet recognized organization, we were missing an integral part…a brand.

In November 2013 we connected with Lake Visual Communications, a local designer, to help us evolve the Brief Encounters identity. Over three months we researched and discussed what Brief Encounters is and what we want it to be.

As an audience member at one of our shows, you can laugh, cheer, be entertained and shocked. As one of the performers, you want to connect with the audience. Surprise, emotion and risk are what inspired the development of the custom wordmark.

The typography is hand-built out of different shapes, meeting each other and creating new letterforms. The letters overlap and play together. Sometimes they work in harmony, other times they create a surprising result that is odd but entertaining–just like Brief Encounters.