We’re back at rEvolver Festival with FREE Intermission performances in and around East Van’s The Cultch. Watch the shows in the flesh or online, via live stream & commenting.

Artist Pairs:
Barbara Adler (Musician) + Nita Bowerman (Performance Artist)
Thomas Anfield (Painter) + Karissa Barry (Contemporary Dance Artist)

Dates & Times:
Thursday, May 22, 2014 / 8:15pm & 8:45pm
Friday, May 23, 2014 / 8:30pm & 9pm
Saturday, May 24, 2014 / 6:30pm & 8pm

‘In the Flesh’ Locations:
Out Front & in the Lobby of The Cultch / 1895 Venables St, Vancouver, BC

Links to Watch & Comment Online:
May 22 / 8:15pm
May 22 / 8:45pm
May 23 / 8:30pm
May 23 / 9pm
May 24 / 6:30pm
May 24 / 8pm

barbara_thumbnailIn over a decade of touring, Barbara Adler has told stories, performed poetry and played her accordion all over North America and Europe. She is a veteran of Vancouver’s spoken word community and is a founding member of folk-poetry ensemble The Fugitives. Since leaving that band, Barbara has continued to explore the intersections between music, poetic texts and conversational language with various projects, including Fang and Proud Animal. Currently, her music is performed under the banner of Ten Thousand Wolves, an intimately collaborating ensemble whose performers number from one to fourteen. She is currently working toward an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies at Simon Fraser University.

nita_thumbnailNita Bowerman is a multidisciplinary performance based-artist who explores unconventional relationships and materials through art making. She has designed, produced and performed self-created solo works and cross-discipline collaborations. Highlights include wreckage, a play under a dock in collaboration with a scuba diver, and did you see others like me?, a short self-illuminated performance installation in a pitch black stairwell for one audience member at a time. Nita also constructs conceptual wearable artworks such as couped, a body encasing constructed of egg cartons and chicken wire. It seems that Nita lives to make and make she does, with as few limitations on medium as possible.

thomas_thumbnailThomas Anfield is a Painter and Performance Artist based in Vancouver. He has Presented work in numerous shows and performances in North America, Russia, Europe and Africa including the Vancouver Art Gallery and the National Gallery of Senegal.

karissa_thumbnailAs a freelance contemporary dance artist Karissa Barry has performed and collaborated in works for choreographers and companies such as Amber Funk Barton, EzDanza, JOEINK, LINK Dance, Mascall Dance, OutInnerSpace Dance Theatre, Raven Spirit Dance, Science Friction, Sylvain Emard Danse, The Vancouver Opera, and Wen Wei Dance. Performing works for these companies has taken her touring to Asia, Europe, New York, South America, The U.K., and throughout Canada. She has also appeared in various TV commercials and print ads. Karissa has created works for Ballet BC mentor program, BC Buds, Brief Encounters 1, Bend Sinister (music video), Cecchetti Dance Theatre, Dancing on the edge, Dances for a small stage, Dancestreams, Modus Operandi Training Program, Twelve Minutes Max and Small Stage Point 5. Karissa also teaches ballet, contemporary dance and conditioning techniques for the professional community and students in various institutions, and is co-curator for MovEnt’s series of Dances for a Small Stage and the Community Stages project.