Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society and Brief Encounters paired 2 creative minds from different artistic backgrounds to collaboratively produce a new moving image work to premiere online.


Artist Pairs:
Brian Lye (Filmmaker) + Zuzia Juszkiewicz (Composer, Visual Artist)
Zachary Rothman (Filmmaker)  + Howie Tsui (Visual Artist)
Flick Harrison (Filmmaker) + John Anderson (Producer)
Nathan Boey (Filmmaker) + Kim Sato (Street Dance Artist)
Karen Lam (Filmmaker) + Lauren Marsden (Performance Artist)
Mina Shum (Filmmaker) + Ashley Andel (Visual Artist)



We invited the INTERSECTIONS artists to reimagine their cinematic works as a live installation. The teams took over the Cineworks offices Oct 26, 2013.

also ft. Film Sculptor: Link Leisure