REDUX Artist Eden Fine Day

Posted on Sep 27, 2015

Can you introduce yourself and each of your Wait For Me Daddy REDUX collaborators in one sentence each?


I’m Eden Fine Day. I’m a Saskatchewan-born, BC-raised singer/songwriter, with twenty years of experience playing punk, garage and pop rock.


Maryam is a Kurdish survivor of two wars from Iran, who lives and works here in New Westminster with her family.

Jessica Han is a Taiwan-born filmmaker and film techie extraordinaire who now lives and works in the Vancouver area.

CS Fergusson is an American-born army brat who we have been lucky enough to attract to our shores so that she can do art installations, choreography, stage managing and other arty things.


What was your first meeting like? What got you started?

Our first meeting was brief. We went over schedules and then had about 15 minutes to hear Maryam’s story. She told us about the bombing on her hometown and having to flee. She told us about coming back days or weeks later to find that their house was rubble. And she told us about the piggybank which had taken on so much meaning for her – it had come to represent her whole life. And when she found it broken, she broke down for the first time.

Do you have a favourite quote from your creation process so far?

Each of these women is flexible, creative and hard-working. I feel extremely lucky to have been pared up with them. A favourite quote from the creation process so far? Perhaps when we were discussing scheduling issues with the Anvil, and Fergie was sharing that she has been experiencing miscommunications regarding same all summer. I helpfully suggested that there could be a burial ground under the fancy new building, which prompted Fergie to say, “This part of Canada is so creepy.” It was such a funny thing to say – it made me laugh. I asked her what she meant and she said that there is so much unceded territory here, that she feels there are many unhappy spirits lurking. It’s certainly possible!

What are important issues to you? In regards to performing and creating music today?

I like emotional honesty in my music, and in art in general. I tend to write openly about my own fear, pain and loss. I hope that it helps others to not feel alone with their emotional hurts. With this project, I’ve been able to write about gratitude and hope, which is also emotionally honest and also feels a bit vulnerable. It feels good. Life isn’t just pain, even after a war – there’s love and connection, too. It’s something I’m learning to incorporate into my songwriting more and more.

Describe in one word, your work for Wait For Me Daddy REDUX (a sort of teaser): Gavotte!

Here’s Parent-Teacher Day from Eden’s album Things Get Better:

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