Wrapping Up 2015

Posted on Dec 14, 2015


Wait For Me Daddy REDUX: Wrap Up

This past October we invited 9 artists to create with 3 individuals who have been affected by war and conflict. 3 teams collaborated on a short film and a performance which we’d like to share with you…

REDUX Team 1

Joey Le, JJ Lee, Marilyn Norry + David C. Jones


REDUX Team 2

David Levy, Pedro Chamale, Michelle Lui + Michael de Courcy


REDUX Team 3

Maryam, CS Fergusson, Jessica Han + Eden Fine Day


Beyond Brief Encounters

Often a Brief Encounters process is just the start of a new multi-disciplinary production. We’d like to tell you about 2 of our commissioned collaborations being remounted:

INTERSECTIONS 2013 artists Lauren Marsden + Karen Lam show their short film The Pit as part of THE SCARY at the New Media Gallery until Jan 3.

Brief Encounters 21 artists Nyla Carpentier + David Newberry remounted Equating Echoes at the Weesageechak Begins to Dance festival in Toronto last month. Read more.



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