Gummy Bear Science Experiment Worksheet

I know how you feel, now what do you do with all those messy issues and chalk on your desk that you had to throw away? Well, get rid of those issues and chalk by using the Gummy Bear Science Experiment Worksheet. It is a great activity for kids and adults alike to get creative and keep their mess out of sight.

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This science experiment worksheet allows you to do several different experiments on your child’s floor. They are quite fun to make and you can use several different colored pens or markers to write down different items to test. You can use different foods to taste and get them to write things like chocolate or mint onto a sheet of paper with the brand they enjoy the most. This activity lets them use their creativity and add a personal touch to their classroom activities.

How about using gum to test some of their memories? You can use whatever gum you like in this experiment and even different brands of gum. Then when they have written something down make sure they spit it out. Take note of it and when they remember it you can put a picture of the gum you used next to it. When you do this process you will be able to find out if your child has gum phobia or if they are allergic to the gum.

Gummy Bear Science
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If they have a gum allergy then it will look like something very disgusting on the test sheet and will be difficult to use. Of course, if your child is not an allergy type then they might spit it out and still remember it but then it will be easy to test to see if they are allergic to gum or not. If you find out that they are then you can decide if they have gum phobia or not.

You can also do several other fun experiments on this science experiment worksheet. You can take the gum and use it as a salt tray. Kids love to eat salty treats so this may be a good way to get them to learn to handle their food better. Some gum pieces are made from sea salt and others are made from ground salt. Take a piece of gum and place it in the container with the opposite kind of salt then take the other piece of gum and write the brand name and amount of salt that go into each one.

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The other science experiment worksheet for this fun activity is about coloring the blinds. How about making your child color an image with crayons and then just slide the blinds. Or perhaps you can let them use their imagination and have them create a sun with crayons.

The science experiment worksheets are easy to create and will help you find a fun way to bring some fun in your classroom. There are hundreds of ways to use them and many you will find yourself doing right away. It is a simple idea but one that is incredibly fun for the children.

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Start creating science experiment worksheets today and get creative with them. It is just one way to help your students learn about nature and the way that they interact with the different elements of it in their daily lives.

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