Factoring Practice Worksheet

Factoring is the use of a portfolio of stocks to create or borrow the capital required for a new business. The technique involves the addition of new stock to the portfolio, or acquiring additional stock with the borrowed money. Before a company can engage in factoring it must first file a proposal to the NASD and obtain a waiver.

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It should be understood that a stock investment plays a huge role in determining whether a company will succeed. In fact, the very existence of an equity investment generally increases the probability of success. That is why if an institution is considering forming a factoring organization, it should take into account all the possible factors, including risk and its impact on earnings. A careful factoring plan can keep the risk factor under control.

The factoring plan should be designed to complement small businesses, which require less capital and can deliver high-growth potential. The companies involved should also have positive cash flow patterns. At least one of the stockholders must be experienced and capable of handling stockholder responsibilities.

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Such planning program for factoring must make certain that the goal for the organization is to generate a significant return to the investing partners. It should be able to identify and allocate capital to the types of investments that will yield positive results.

Because investors normally compete for shares and because they have a very limited time period in which to buy them, this is where most of the available returns come from. Stock portfolio management will definitely help in factoring. However, as a rule the programs will only serve to draw attention away from the fundamental weaknesses.

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It is essential to know that a firm will never generate the return on its investments. Many of these companies fail not because they have failed to do the best they could, but because their managers and key personnel failed to realize the facts. In fact, this is the major reason why it is advisable to base your own factoring practice worksheet on a database of well-known portfolios.

In fact, it is worth noting that many successful organizations invest in hedge funds and other institutions that specialize in factoring. These institutions are usually capable of managing stocks and generating quite a number of returns. It is only after the factoring firm has been awarded a waiver by the NASD that it can start accepting deposits and begin factoring operations.

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As a result, it is advised that a firm does not go into factoring until it has a healthy capital structure and a large margin of safety. This means that the firm can borrow considerable amounts of capital that will be invested. If the firm’s stockholders are known, and their contributions are not particularly high, the stockholders are more likely to participate.

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