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By popular demand, the movie The Giver, by Lois Lowry, is available as a worksheet. You can check it out by downloading this workbook, or by ordering it from Amazon. It’s a fun activity to add to your child’s book bag, and there are plenty of other goodies available at Amazon. This worksheet will make a great gift for parents-to-be and baby showers.

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The Giver movie worksheet is available in both Black and white and Color. There are hundreds of pages of learning activities and stories to keep your child engaged. These games are designed to stimulate imagination and ingenuity. The Giver movie worksheet shows how to get creative with color combinations and shapes that are never easy to do.

When you have a child in your kid’s classroom, I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “mind over matter.” This movie worksheet encourages children to think outside the box. Do you remember the Raggedy Ann and Andy movies where everyone’s clothes come off? This is the same concept; if your child gets to see “The Giver” when he is a pre-schooler, he will most likely think “it’s funny when the clothes come off.” It will have positive effects on their behavior.

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Colors, shapes, or patterns come out as the child tries to figure out how to solve his problems. I’m sure you already have a sense of humor when it comes to children, but it seems that the little ones to take things more seriously. This worksheet offers another layer of learning. Take the humor they’re learning and use it to teach them other things, such as using their skills to solve some of life’s problems.

The Giver movie worksheet includes a complete lesson plan. It explains “How the concept of Colors actually has a feeling that comes from inside your body and that using a Color will change what your body feels. In the morning, when your first cup of coffee tastes so good, and the time when the food you eat makes you feel hungry is also included. The lessons for each scene are explained and highlighted.”

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It also includes tips and advice for kids to help them overcome fear, use their imagination, get a new feeling, and even help them develop their creativity. It includes things like, “Hold a Picture in Your Hands,” “Tell a Story Using Your Story Technique,” “Use Colors to Make Things Even More Fun,” “Make a Tree and Add a Family,” “Help Your Child Understand Nature,” and many more. What more could a child need? I want to read it again to myself! When you print this worksheet, bookmark it, or give it to your children, you will be amazed at the amount of information contained in this eBook.

Parents will love the fact that you can download a copy of the movie playsheet for free. Once you purchase the movie you will get your money’s worth in training materials and fun activities for the whole family. Kids, as well as adults, will love this material, and it will become a cherished family treasure.

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