Food Chain Worksheet

My Foods is a fast-paced card game that uses the exciting, easy-to-learn Food Chain Worksheet as its central concept. This handy chart provides gamers with an in-depth look at the overall characteristics of an animal, and a detailed overview of the strategies that you should employ to become the dominant animal in the game.

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In this multi-player area, you will be competing against other players for the top prize. As you are the dominant animal in the game, you need to have the resources to sustain your own, and your opponent’s, creatures. This makes it vital that you create a better player at the start of each game, because you’ll need to be able to create food to feed your animals, and you’ll need to be able to fend off your opponent’s forces.

My Foods includes an all-new Food Chain Worksheet, which provides each player with a well-rounded overview of their individual strengths. This helps gamers avoid losing the best cards that they can, making them more likely to stick with a strategy. Additionally, the food categories are color-coded for easy recognition. You can also see where you stand relative to your neighbor, because your group’s colors match those of the others.

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My Foods is very similar to the standard game play but includes several twists. For example, during setup, each player takes the turns flipping over two food groups. After setting up, there is only one round to play.

My Foods sets players against the opposing team of three and allows them to go head-to-head to see who is the strongest. Each turn, players can rotate through these groups to see which ones they want to use. Then, each player draws a new Food Chain and adds it to the active groups. Players then choose what they want to eat.

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Once the Food Chain has been completed, players distribute the group’s resource into the appropriate spaces. There are eight resources, which include meat, egg, minerals, vegetables, vitamins, fats, and carbohydrates. When the last group is drawn, the game is complete, and each player will receive their winnings.

My Foods uses the Food Chain Worksheet to support all of the above. The quick reference sheet tells players how much food they need, and how many resources each group requires. It also displays each player’s “strength” on a scale, as well as what types of resources they should use based on their resources set.

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With these explanations in mind, and the interactive food chart included in the box, you can easily get the most out of this food-themed game and even discover a few strategies that you could implement into your real life meals. This will help make your experience with My Foods more enjoyable, and you can really get a sense of accomplishment as you work toward becoming the king of the food chain.

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