Situational Leadership Worksheet

A Situational Leadership Worksheet is a step-by-step guide to assessing the current circumstances of the position to be occupied. The purpose of the document is to show all of the various important elements in a leadership position that may be changed by any number of factors such as geography, culture, or situation.

Situational Leadership
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In some cases the process of leadership exercises is used to examine the way in which the entire organization is structured and its ability to withstand change. It can also be used to investigate the ability of individuals within the organization to make the kind of changes that are required. As well, it can provide insight into the trustworthiness of an individual’s leadership ability.

In situations where multiple leaders exist within an organization, it is common for each leader to complete different kinds of assessments and reviews to evaluate the work of each other. This is an important tool for leaders to use in determining the ability of their team members to perform under pressure and when faced with differing levels of energy and competence. It can also provide valuable insight into the skills of a leader. What better way to determine how much of the leadership tools that are used by each of the people involved, than through this method?

The Situational Leadership Model
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One thing that each member of the team will experience is different ways of thinking and acting that may not necessarily match. They will be working under a variety of different assignments at once and they will be placed in situations that will cause them to think differently than usual. In this situation it is very helpful to be able to analyze the behaviors of each individual leader so that the needs of the entire team are being met.

By focusing on the relationships between the leader and the other team members, a Situational Leadership Worksheet can be very helpful in producing some very accurate results. For example, if the leader is a bit hesitant to set an agenda because he or she feels that setting an agenda is not necessary, it is possible to conduct an objective assessment of that particular leader by examining the relationships that are built within the team.

The Situational Leadership Model
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Other leaders may not like the pace of the meetings that take place in a period of time will usually begin to feel like a burden on the individual’s feelings. In this case the team could use the worksheet to determine if the leader’s schedule is appropriate for the amount of time that each member would like to dedicate to the project. If it is determined that the leader’s schedule is too cumbersome for the members of the team, a change in leadership could be very beneficial.

In every person’s leadership development, there is a certain amount of different styles that are identified that are utilized. A Situational Leadership Worksheet can help identify the unique ways in which each individual makes decisions based on their environment and by considering how the different communication styles are employed in order to communicate with others. An understanding of these differences is often useful in gaining insight into the kind of relationship with each of the team members has with each other.

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Using different techniques for creating direction and having a unified sense of vision in the way a person chooses to spend their time can give an effective leader the greatest chance for success. Understanding how a team reacts to a change in a leader or to a change in the kind of leader a person is becoming a great benefit to those seeking leadership development for their teams.

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