Assertive Communication Worksheet

The Assertive Communication Worksheet is a great tool to help your employees learn to communicate their thoughts and ideas in an effective manner. For years, employees have been expected to use humor and/or sarcasm in order to communicate effectively. This is done with the intention of opening the lines of communication. Unfortunately, the Assertive Communication Worksheet doesn’t recognize this as being a form of communication.

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All words are not created equal. Your employee needs to be able to communicate his/her ideas clearly and persuasively. The Assertive Communication Worksheet is not designing to accomplish this. It only exists to provide results based on the word list contained within it.

In order to effectively communicate one’s idea, one needs to use language that is clearly expressed and which is also the most effective way to convey one’s message. When one is not able to do this, people will simply lose interest and do not listen to what the employee has to say. This can become extremely frustrating for the employee as well as the company.

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It is extremely important to have successful relationships with your employees. To ensure that your employees are happy and content, you need to provide them with a way to effectively communicate. This is very simple to do by making sure that you know what it is that your employees are communicating about. The Assertive Communication Worksheet does not help you in this regard.

Employees have the ability to express their thoughts and ideas with or without the help of a written document. They will still be just as effective if they are communicating effectively when they are able to convey their thoughts and ideas through humor and/or sarcasm. The Assertive Communication Worksheet is simply trying to get the employee to follow the rules that were laid out in the document.

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This document is about the employee and how you as a manager need to recognize that. You cannot allow your employee to use humor and/or sarcasm as a way to communicate with you. You must provide your employee with ways to be assertive, clear, and concise.

For example, using persuasive techniques to persuade your employee to do something is NOT the same as sarcasm. Both techniques can create problems with your employee. So, when someone is able to use these two techniques, you can be certain that the person isn’t trying to persuade you or your employees. That person is simply expressing his/her thoughts and ideas.

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If a person communicates effectively, they will succeed. There is no doubt about that. Simply put, if you want your employees to be successful, you will need to provide them with ways to effectively communicate.

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