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A Dolch Sight Word worksheet is a combination of simple word lists for your child to practice. It is very important that your child practices these sight words every day and you should make the process fun. The most effective way to do this is to record your child’s progress with the worksheet in a journal. Parents can also use the worksheet as a reward when practicing sight words. A child will be motivated to practice by receiving a small reward for every correct word.

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You can create a customized worksheet with your child’s name on it. You can print it and laminate it to save on your child’s desk. You can get some of the most popular worksheets online at various websites. Printable worksheets are perfect for vacations, birthdays, or when a child just has to study. Many of them will allow you to type the words into the blank, add your child’s name, and then print it. These can be used anywhere a child might need practice.

A kids’ version of a Sight Word worksheet includes pictures depicting the word with the letter under it. For example, the word green is pictured as a green apple. Each letter represents a sound, the word makes. The numbers in the array represent the frequency of the sound. If you want your child to work on new sight words, print several copies of the array, and have your child study the letters one at a time.

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To help your child remember the words, you can have him draw the letters on a separate paper. Put the drawing in a location where your child will see it often. In addition, play the game wherein you cover the letters with your hand, so your child gets the image of holding something in his hand. Your child will then associate the letter with the object. This will help your child focus on the word, making him more likely to pick up the word and practice it.

The last thing you can do is to get your child a pen and paper. Have him write down the word from left to right. Be sure that your child indicates which is the correct letter and which is the incorrect letter. Record your child’s first words after he has written down the word. You can review this list with him to reinforce the learning process.

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As your child gets better at recognizing words, you can start to take him outside. Ask him to identify the object. This will encourage him to talk more and develop a stronger vocabulary. Once your child is able to identify an object, take him shopping with you, and let him explore real objects around the house.

Lastly, have your child read aloud the poem. Repeat the poem over again until your child can identify all of the words. Record your child reading the poem once he has identified all of the words. This drill will make your child want to read the poem again, creating a powerful association with the material.

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Your child is now ready to start practicing his/her sight words. You may want to start with the easy ones first, since your child will need some repetition. Once your child is comfortable with recognizing basic sight words, you can move on to more difficult ones. With constant practice your child will soon be able to recognize every word in the dictionary.

Remember, your child will not be reading the words out loud. He/She will be reciting them in his/her head. This means that if your child hears a word he hasn’t heard before, he will be unable to immediately attach a picture to it. Keep in mind that children only memorize sight words, not hear them.

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It is important for your child to memorize sight words even if you are not reading to him. Your child will use these words when speaking with you and other adults. The best time for your child to learn new words is when he is young and continues to hear you speak them. When your child sees you using these words, he will be more inclined to try to learn the word himself.

Your word selection should be based on the age of your child. Introduce new words gradually. Let your child have few options for what to say. Have short sessions with your child to learn several new words each session. Once your child has mastered a few words, then you can take him more seriously and use more complex sentences with the words.

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