Classifying Triangles Worksheet with Answer Key

In a recent study conducted on a class of six students in the third grade, a group of four had given their students a “classifying triangle” worksheet. After receiving feedback from these four students, it was determined that one of them did not understand the purpose of the worksheets. However, when he received feedback from another student, the other two children were able to correctly identify all three triangles. The study also demonstrated the effectiveness of the classifiers when it came to recognizing the meaning of the symbols.

Students tend to use trianglements in class for different reasons. Some students may have used it to help label objects in a visual format. Others may use them to list objects within a logical order or to sort items based on the colors they represent. Still others may use them to identify the color order of things in an organized way.

Identifying Triangles and Circles
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When students use this worksheet, they are able to label the items according to their color order and find it easier to remember the order. This works best for children who are starting to learn to read. They are better able to recognize the relationships between the items when they are using this type of worksheet. The more advanced children may even be able to make sense out of what they see on the diagram.

When trianglements first entered classrooms, some parents worried that it would help children misplace or confuse the correct items. Today, however, it is evident that the triangles have been greatly improved upon to help children understand their lessons in school better.

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The first step toward classifying these symbols is to create a worksheet for the children to work with. These are available in many different styles. It is important to choose the one that will most effectively serve the purpose of helping children understand the symbols. A good choice is a diagram that shows all three of the four quadrants on the worksheets with one diagonal crosses over each of the four quadrants.

In order to use this type of worksheet, students should have two working areas. The first is for the color order of the items and the second is for the meaning of the colors. When a child has two working areas for using these tools, he will be able to do them in any setting that the teacher might require.

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Another way to help children use the worksheets effectively is to have the answers that students can use to label the colors they see. If a child is confused about where the triangles belong, he can label the triangle that corresponds with the item that has the letter that he is looking at. He will then have to look at the word and be able to match the two colors.

Classifiers may also be helpful in showing children how they should place the triangle that corresponds with the color that is nearest the letter. This will help them get a better understanding of where the object is located.

A Think An obtuse angle is greater than a right angle The middle letter
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To help children become better at using the worksheets, parents may want to give their children an answer key when they answer a question. This helps the child to have a better understanding of what the question is and how the information he is getting fits into his learning.

If your child is having trouble with something, it is a good idea to explain that he is not wrong but simply trying to answer a question that was asked correctly. The classifier can also use this method when the child is unable to explain something fully.

Identifying Similar and Congruent Shapes
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In addition to classifying the triangles, it may be a good idea to have a chart of the letters and the items that are related to those letters. If the child is struggling with how to relate the triangle to the letter, he will be more likely to understand the meaning of the item and how the letter relates to the item.

When children understand what they need to do and how they should go about it, working on a worksheet with an answer key is a good way to reinforce what they are learning. By allowing them to work with the worksheets in various ways and seeing what is written, they will be better able to understand what they have read.

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