Tropical Rainforest Worksheet

Tropical Rainforest Worksheet is the main requirement for students who wish to study in tropical forests. This is a way of categorizing all living creatures that live in tropics. The uniqueness of this worksheet is that, it was created by the National Park Service to aid in understanding how different species of animals and plants interact in their respective environments. The information on the spreadsheet can be obtained by downloading the file from the National Park Service website.

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Tropical rainforests is a kind of humid, warm, vegetation-rich habitat which is found close to the equator and is usually found in tropical countries. Students fit different species of vegetation to the appropriate category on the imaginary line drawn across the imaginary mid-section of this grid. There are 2 models of the imaginary line: they are located almost around the world but most of the tropical rainforests are located in south-east Asia, central Africa, and South America. The large majority of the world’s tropical rainforests are located in the tropical latitudes around the equator and in the wintertime they divide into two parts: the coastal rainforests and inland rainforests. Each has their own characteristics and they experience different climatic conditions.

The tropical rainforests of South America have got the green grass that looks like the wheat fields of early spring, they have long white hair and their hair always appears as curly and silky. The other features of this imaginary place are: the vegetation is so thick it is difficult for the insects to exist; the plants grow on slopes which are not exposed to the air; the soil is alkaline and the rivers run underground. It means that life here is extremely complex and there is great need for preservation and protection of this unique environment.

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This worksheet represents the biological diversity of the tropical rainforest biome. Every sheet corresponds to a single image and the size of each one is also represented by the color scale. As a result you can easily see how many species exist in each part of this biome.

In general the most important place for biodiversity in tropical rainforests is the Amazon, where the majority of remaining rainforests exist. This is because the climate there is semi-tropical and the vegetation is mostly found below the surface of the water and in rocks. The Amazonian rainforests also support a wide range of animal life. These include: butterflies, birds, whales, crocodiles, hippos, bats, bears, tapirs, reclusive monkeys, and other primates, as well as the flying squirrels.

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In order to assess the conservation status of a particular area, it is necessary to use a worksheet that represents it in a virtual manner. This way you can easily see how diverse the specific tropical rainforest biome is. A few good examples include: the Kalahari Desert in South Africa, the Highlands of Brazil, the Amazon River Delta, the Central African Republic, the Philippines, the Hawaii Islands, and the Galapagos Islands. Each one of these examples provides an excellent illustration of how vital it is to protect the remaining natural habitats for so many types of animals and plants.

Each image in your worksheet represents a specific location in the tropical rainforest biome. The size of the image is also denoted with the size of the image being displayed. You can clearly see the differences between such areas as: Borneo, Eastern Equatorial Africa, and the North and South American Pacific basins. There are also sub-biomes which include: Floristic and Terrestrial Biodiversity. In this case the terrestrial biome refers to such places as: the montane forests of the north and central Cape Verde Island, whereas the flora is mainly found in such places as: the Southern Borneo, the Philippine province of Borneo, and the Brazilian Amazon. This worksheet will also show the relationships between the terrestrial and aquatic biomes, and among the different types of vegetation.

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The second component of the worksheet is the latitude and longitude of each imaginary line. For each place on the imaginary line there is another representation on the tropical rainforests work sheet. On the lower portion you can see the latitude and longitude along with the vertical axis measurements. You can see the latitudes and longitudes of all the tropical rainforests which are located on the tropical rainforests map of the earth. It is also possible to view the elevation of any place on the imaginary line, and the orientation of any grid point on that imaginary line.

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