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“What is Fourth Step?” is a very personal acronym for the 4th step in Alcoholics Anonymous: “I am I”. This Fourth Step Worksheet will help you discover who you really are and help you move forward with discovering your recovery. “What is Fourth Step? This is where I am?” this may be common, but many times we forget who we are and what we really want out of life.

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The Fourth Step Worksheet is designed to help you develop your own unique character. By helping you define and articulate your personal traits that allow you to deal with the challenges of life, this Fourth Step Worksheet will give you the ability to work with this concept in your recovery. It contains four areas of inquiry: Who are you? What are your needs? What is your story and how can you tell it?

To begin the process of recovery and to receive this 4th Step Worksheet, you must identify your personality and identify the qualities that are unique to your personality. You will be asked to complete a short form describing your personality, interests and activities. You will be asked to also answer basic questions about your addiction and any family members or support groups you have. Your sponsor(s) will be asked to complete a similar form as well.

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The next area of your 4th step worksheet will require you to complete an online survey. You will be asked to rate your level of involvement in your alcoholic addiction and what you would like to do to keep it that way. This area is designed to provide a snapshot of your current circumstances and how you see your alcohol use and addiction progressing. You will also be asked to rate your level of courage and your level of determination to stay clean.

The fourth step in your 4th step worksheet is titled Recovering. This section will outline the actions that you have taken so far and what you need to do to move forward. This portion of the step inventory is broken down into separate sections for each of the steps that you completed during the week. You will be encouraged to write new goals for yourself in this section and to review your progress each day. Your progress report will be provided in a separate report PDF file that you will need to download and print out on your computer.

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The last part of your 4th step worksheet is called your big book. This is the final step that comes in after completing your daily and weekly worksheets. Your big book will outline all of the progress that has been made during the year, and it will highlight any new goals that you have achieved. It may also suggest some additional things that you can do to support your goals. A big book is recommended to be read in its entirety each day and is strongly recommended to be used as a reference while on any recovery program.

After completing your four step worksheets, you will then complete a self-treatment module. Each of these modules should include a written description of the problem that you are attempting to cure, an action plan to cure that problem, and a relaxation technique. In most cases, you will be given the option to do your treatment on your own using nothing more than your own self-hypnosis techniques. In other cases, a therapist may be called in to provide support and guidance. In the case that a therapist is not immediately available, you will be guided through hypnosis in a safe way that does not require the assistance of another person. Most self-hypnosis programs are available for a fee; if this is the case, you will want to use the 8th step worksheet again until you are comfortable with your progress.

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As part of the Fourth Step Worksheet Treatment module, you should also create an inventory of all of the things that you currently have in your possession. This inventory should list every possession that you own such as clothing, cosmetics, medicines, household goods, etc. You should also add any tools or resources that you have at home or in the office that can be used to accelerate your progress. In the case that none of your inventory items are listed, you should include these things in your self-help or self-hypnosis library.

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