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Substance abuse treatment programs are so important. One in four people suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs are affected by depression. Depression is a serious illness that, if left untreated, can lead to suicide. Your support of the family is the best tool you have at your fingertips to fight this illness, but how do you know when your loved one needs help?

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You want to do anything you can to get your family to accept the reality that you have to quit. This can be as difficult a task as fighting alcoholism itself. Just recently alcohol abuse or psuedo-addictions have topped the national priority list for treatment facilities. Unfortunately, just adding on a fellow family member, a social group member, or sponsor can really make the difference.

Many in the health care industry say that the best way to stop drinking is through a 12 step program with a support group. The patient will then be connected with others who have had similar experiences and will learn coping skills, life skills, and how to overcome the physical and psychological cravings. The two hour break that they receive during the daily meeting may make the difference between success and failure. The majority of alcoholics do not receive free counseling, but there are many organizations that provide free medication for those in recovery. These programs and the free therapy handouts provided are very powerful tools to combat alcohol addiction.

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Substance abuse and addiction can cause a variety of physical, emotional, and psychological problems including insomnia, memory loss, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, tardive dyskinesia, hearing and vision problems, weight gain or loss, and car accidents. There are various worksheets that have been created to address these various physical and mental health concerns, as well as addiction issues. These worksheets offer information that can help patients make positive changes in their lives. Many of the addiction treatment centers use these worksheets in conjunction with the patient’s family members, friends, co-workers, and local therapists.

An example of one of these is the Alcoholism Treatment Center’s worksheet called ” Nine Hours Ago.” This worksheet is available as a download from the center’s website and it provides information on what alcoholics need to know about the changes in their body, behavior, and relationships after treatment. Many alcoholics think that they can fight addiction on their own, but the reality is that this is a serious mental health issue that requires professional help.

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Another example is the Alcoholics Anonymous group worksheet ” Twelve Step Worksheets: A Tool for Recovery,” which offers free convertershow details on how to deal with the various issues that substance abuse brings. Some of these include making a list of priorities and deciding what is important to you. Other steps to consider are creating goals, developing realistic action plans, implementing goals and action plans, finding support and getting motivation, and identifying and establishing practical relationships with people who can support you.

All of these worksheets can be downloaded and printed out at home. They are easy to fill out and to send in by mail to the counseling office of the nearest Alcoholics Anonymous organization. This saves the alcoholics time because they do not have to go to the office to get the worksheets in an electronic format. The electronic file size of the worksheets is smaller than a standard paper size, and therefore the file size of the electronic version is smaller than a paper size as well.

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Substance abuse can take many years and cost thousands of dollars to treat. Many of these victims are not able to work and lose their homes and families because of the disease that they have acquired from drinking alcohol. Substance abuse and addiction should be treated through free online, no obligation online help groups that offer worksheets and handouts for free.

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