Bridal Shower Planning Worksheet

If you are a bride to be and have asked your mother for one, you know how much time it will take. A typical bridal shower planning takes about three days to accomplish. That is because there are several things that need to be planned out in order for the event to work out smoothly. For starters, you will need to pick a date. Next, you will need to find a location. And the guest list must be prepared well in advance of the shower.

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These are just the basics of a bridal shower, but if you are the organizer, these details can add up quickly. You will want to make a bridal shower planning worksheet with all of the details for your shower. Your sheets should include the names of the people being invited, the theme of the party, who is hosting the shower, and who will be the attendants. These details should be on your worksheet before you order your invitations or decide on the shower foods. You don’t want to end up buying last minute shower supplies because you forgot this information. This also makes it easier to double check the numbers for your invitations.

Once you have the guest list all set, you are ready to create the shower invitation. This should have a theme, as well as the name of the bride and groom. It is a good idea to have a picture of the bride and groom with the guests at the top of the invitation. Then each guest should RSVP with their name and the date on their RSVP card.

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Once you have the shower invitation finished, you are ready for the shower game. Bridal shower games are easy to plan. The maid of honor and the bridesmaids can plan games that revolve around the theme of the bridal shower. The games could be as simple as guessing the best man’s gift and other fun ideas. Some people choose trivia games for their showers, such as what song was first played by a band.

After the shower is over, you will need to plan the actual wedding. This will be an important part of your bridal shower plans. You will need to plan the location of the wedding, as well as who will pay for what. You will need to know the size of the wedding when you are planning the bridal shower. When you are planning the location of the wedding, you should check with the venue to make sure it can accommodate the number of guests you plan to have at the shower.

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Once the location has been worked out, you should start thinking about the food. The food is going to be one of the most important parts of your planning. You can either make your own food, or you can hire a caterer. To save time when it comes to this step, it is always best to have a planning worksheet that you can look through to list all the things you need to do, and the prices of each. You will want to use the list when it comes to contacting different caterers.

The next thing that you need to work on are the decorations for the shower. These decorations will be what makes the entire shower exciting. To make things easy on yourself, it is always a good idea to have a worksheet full of your choices ready. You can search online for some Bridal shower decorations if you are having trouble finding what you want. Once you have the decorations picked out, you should begin the fun task of decorating the room. Bridal shower favors are also a great way to personalize the party.

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Planning a bridal shower should not be stressful, nor should it be a job you decide to take on alone. A great way to make sure that everything runs smoothly, and to get a lot of help from others in your life is to purchase a bridal shower planning worksheet. Even if you decide to use the worksheet alone, it never hurts to have others involved in the process. Having two heads at the table can give you a lot of information about where something should go next. Your friends may even decide to volunteer to help with some tasks, giving you more hands on involvement.

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