Retreat Planning Worksheet

Planning a staff retreat, in which the focus of the company business is not so much product, may seem like an unnecessary venture for a busy company owner. While there’s always time available to power through a lengthy list of deliverable in a given work day, there is also a very long list of event-related tasks to be completed in a single work day. Productively managing a staff retreat means that you should plan your events in phases. As with most things in life, too much planning can be counterproductive. It’s important that you divide the planning of your staff retreat into manageable pieces and that these pieces are completed in the order that is most logical to you.

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First, you need to assess how many people will participate in the events of your planned retreat. You can determine this number by looking at the average number of employees per company and per month. Many retreat planning worksheets will help you do this. Next, you’ll need to consider exactly what your staff has to do during the days of the retreat. If your company regularly organizes team-building events such as picnics or group ski trips, then you have a ready group of participants for your corporate retreats.

However, if your company is new to the concept of corporate training or the benefits of participating in group training, then you may want to choose another method for your corporate retreats. It’s important to understand your employees before planning a corporate retreat. In some cases, the individuals who will be participating in your corporate retreats will need to meet individually with a trainer before the event. Other times, the trainers will want to meet individually with each individual team. Some individuals (such as managers) may prefer to have their whole teams meet in one place. No matter what the format, it’s important to make sure that everyone is comfortable with their accommodations.

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It’s also important to consider how many people will need to participate in your corporate training or team building adventures. Will all of your team members need to participate? Will anyone need to leave work or their day job before the end of the retreat?

Now that you know what makes a good group, you need to think about the format of your retreats. Are you going to have retreats that are one-day or two-day affairs? Or, will the whole group to participate in an event-type retreat? For example, you may have a five-day retreat for your sales force or a one-day event for your human resources team.

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What time of day is the retreat? How long do you want it to be? Will everyone be able to participate or do you want one or two-hour sessions with individual supervisors or the entire team? Once you know how long you expect your retreats to be and what days each participant will be available, you can get started on your Retreat Planning Worksheet.

Next, you need to list everyone’s skill sets and experience. You can’t expect someone to know a lot about corporate training if they’ve never been on one before or haven’t done a lot of team-building activities before. You also don’t want someone who’s used to working with people from different departments to lead a workshop on marketing with people from accounting. Keep in mind what each team member brings to the company, their skill sets, their experience level, etc., on your corporate training and teambuilding exercises worksheet and then use that information to determine who will be doing what on your retreat.

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Finally, you have to make a note of the inspirational speakers you are considering for the coo retreat. Are they good examples of real leaders? Are they going to help increase team communication and leadership skills in the group? Are they appropriate for the size and type of company you are having the retreat for? The list of your inspirational speakers should give you a good sense of who will be perfect for your coo retreat and who can help increase company morale and provide the best leadership training your company has ever had.

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