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Gage R&R Worksheet is an application for the line of products. It is designed to help owners and managers make better use of the financial information that they have available. In essence, this is achieved by allowing them to enter in and track the different aspects of the company’s accounts. For example, entering in a purchase amount will give you the value of the goods purchased at a certain date and estimated time. This can then be further broken down by departments and tracked by a few other sub-accounts (such as marketing, human resources, etc). The Gage R&R Worksheet is also useful for tracking inventory costs per item.

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MINITAB has a few ways to make Gage R&R worksheets. They are available either on the front page of the worksheet itself, in the Account tab, or via the Assistant Measurement Systems Analysis tab. The main differences between these methods are discussed below.

The first difference is in terms of repeatability – the Gage R&R Worksheet offers repeatability up to five times, depending on what is entered. The Replication Tab allows for repeatability to be as low as one percent (the exact number can only be calculated using the Log Count method) or as high as 99 percent. The tab contains a graphic which shows you the value of a certain item over time and the average cost of that item. The Repeatability tab also tells you if the item has been repeated on the Gage study.

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The second difference is in terms of reproducibility. With the Gage R&R Worksheet, you can have up to five different reproducibility levels. If you enter a continuous value on the Worksheet, this is reflected in the results. You can also choose from among the options provided for repeatability. The Replication Tab displays the results as percentages, so you know how likely your results will be replicating. If your results are not replicated at every level of analysis, this might not matter to you.

If you want to know whether or not the Gage R&R Worksheet will replicate continuously throughout the study period, the Levels tab displays the data type. If you select the Level I study variation, the Gage study occurs three times and then replicates itself every time with a 95 percent probability. This is very good, but it is not the best, and it would depend upon your goals for reproducing the data type. If you are looking for a means of reproducing the results indefinitely, this is not the data type for you.

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The Replication slider allows you to set the level of repeatability for the Gage R&R Worksheet. If you want the worksheet to repeat itself infinitely, select the Continuous option. If you want to find out if you have reached a set repetition level, check the percentage and select the percent that you want to compare to the target level. The Worksheet measures the level of reproducibility by calculating the standard deviation, which is the standard error or deviation that occurs between any two random variables.

The Worksheet also includes five parts: The main body, the main text, four sub-parts, and the reference information. At the top of the Worksheet there are a main text box and in the middle of this is a sub-box that contains four different text boxes. In the sub-boxes you can place four different types of information: the first sub-box has two fields for information that is received through the R&R procedure and the fifth sub-box has one field for data that is received directly from external standard statistical reference materials. In addition to these four different data sources you can also choose to save a Worksheet in PDF format, which can be read on any computer. You will need to set up your printer to read PDF files before you can begin using the Worksheet.

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When you are ready to print the Worksheet you will click on the Print button. In the Print dialog box you will need to specify the location where the Worksheet will be printed. To do this, click the Options button, which is right next to the Summary button. You will then need to choose a format from the Basic tab, which lets you choose the size and color of the document that you are printing.

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