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This study guide will help students learn about the events of the famous battle, The Alamo. The main characters of this story include Jim Bowie, the highest-ranking officer of the Garrison and inventor of the famous Bowie Knife. Davy Crockett, a Tennessee congressman and noted Indian hunter, and Lieutenant Colonel William Travis, the commander of the Garrison. The study guide will help students understand what really happened at the Alamo.

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While Santa Anna feared that the defenders of the Alamo had no way to retreat, he was able to use the pre-dawn darkness to his advantage. During the siege, the defenders had few communications options. This made Travis the commander of the Garrison a poor choice and allowed the Mexican army to surprise them. Besides Travis, most of the soldiers were women, children, and servants.

In order to defeat the Mexican army, the defenders had fewer horses than Santa Anna had. His men had to rely on foot soldiers, who were vulnerable to the Mexican lancers. Also, the defenders lacked armor and were unable to move at night. During the siege, Santa Ana’s forces began to arrive at the Alamo. The siege lasted until the day of the attack on March 6. In the end, there were 186 men and three women who fought to defend the Alamo.

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The defenders held out for thirteen days. The Mexicans arrived in the morning, using a breach in the courtyard wall. The defenders were able to defend the Alamo for 13 days, but Santa Anna was not content to take prisoners. The defenders were nearly all killed by the Mexicans, and the American troops lost between 600 and 3,000 men. The defenders also faced many casualties – 190 Texans and between 300 and 600 Mexicans.

The defenders fought to the last man for thirteen days in 1836. The Mexican army, however, had no intention of taking prisoners. While the defenders didn’t surrender their lives, they refused to allow the invaders to enter the city. The defenders resisted the Mexican army for the 13 days until the final battle. The Texans had more horses than the Mexicans, but they were not prepared for this long fight.

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In the defenders’ letter, they discuss how they would have been able to survive the Mexican army. This is the basis for the Alamo worksheet. During the siege, defenders wrote dramatic letters that described their situation. While the Mexican army had 190 soldiers, the defenders only had half of them survived the battle. They died to prevent the Mexican army from reaching the city.

After the defenders had waited 13 days for the Mexicans to enter the city, the Mexican army stormed the Alamo. The defenders manned the fortified walls. Their cannons were not yet loaded with ammunition. The defenders had no chance of escaping from the Spanish. They were not prepared for the massacre that would follow. A cannonball fired by a Spanish soldier was a fatal blow to the Texians.

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The Alamo was defended by 260 Texans. The Mexican army, meanwhile, was attracted to the defenders’ fortified walls and seized their supplies. The fort was eventually captured by the Mexicans, but the defenders had to remain for a long time in front of the approaching army. It was a major victory for the Texans and Galveston, who were enraged by the Mexicans’ actions.

The Alamo was an important place for the Texans during the Mexican war. They fortified their city with a cannon and 150 men to repel the Mexican army. The defenders had no other defenses, and they were surrounded by the Mexican army. As a result, the defenders of the Alamo were trapped inside the fort and were trapped. In this situation, they could only hope for an escape.

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The Alamo was an important place for the Texans during the American Revolution. The Mexicans had been occupied by the Texans, but the defenders were able to hold out for four days. The defenders were eventually defeated by Santa Anna’s army. During the siege, there were 900 armed men, including General Sam Houston, who commanded the Texas army.

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