Animal Farm Chapter 7 Worksheet Answers

The Animal Farm Chapter 7 Worksheet Answers will help you understand the book better. The worksheet contains 10 multiple-choice questions with an answer key. You can use the quiz to test your reading comprehension or use it as an open-book quiz. For extra points, you can provide evidence from the text. This will make it easier for you to answer the questions. You can find all the answers for Animals Farm in our study guide.

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After a hard winter, the animals struggle to rebuild the windmill. The humans are unable to feed the animals and the pigs must rely on a windmill they built. The human owners refuse to believe Snowball destroyed the windmill and claim that the walls were not thick enough. The pigs, however, refuse to believe this and build double-thick walls. The pigs give speeches about sacrifice.

Napoleon tries to trick the animals to accept his leadership. When the pigs attack the windmills, the villagers begin chanting to keep them from being thrown into the sea. The pigs’ screams and Napoleon kill them. The pigs are not happy, but they are forced to submit to the king. If they do not cooperate, they are relegated to the bottom of the farm.

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Napoleon tries to manipulate the workers of Animal Farm. He makes the exiled Snowball into an enemy. He also uses his power to kill those who oppose his regime. The pigs are able to fool the humans because they are too clever. In this way, the pigs gain control over the humans. They are unable to achieve their goal because the pigs use their power to manipulate the people.

The Animal Farm is a great example of a book that can teach us about political freedom. The characters in this classic novel stand for something more than themselves. In Animals, the characters represent the real people and events of the Russian Revolution. But the novel is not simply an allegory of the Russian Revolution. It makes a more general argument about political power and oppression. The answer to this worksheet is “yes””.

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Napoleon’s goal is to change the world. He makes the pigs obey his rules and is the most powerful leader in the world. The pigs are also able to manipulate people in their own ways. He also manipulates the pigs by forcing them to work in the same way. The pigs do not like to be manipulated. They fear for their lives and do not listen to the leader.

The pigs have many windmills in Animal Farm. During the battle, the pigs destroy the first windmill. When the pigs attack the second windmill, the pigs blame the pig for sabotaging it. The pigs also kill the pigs who oppose Napoleon. This is why it is so important to read the novel before answering this worksheet.

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During winter, the animals on the Animal Farm are struggling to build a windmill. The pigs have limited food, and the windmill is the only source of energy. They have to work harder than the humans do in order to survive. They must be able to withstand the cold so that they can eat. In winter, the pigs must build a windmill that will provide them with enough food.

The windmills in Animal Farm have several types of windmills. The first one collapses during a storm, while the second is blown up during the Battle of the Windmills. After the first windmill is destroyed, the animals try to rebuild it. The second windmill is blown up by Frederick and the humans blame it. After the pigs rebuild the windmill, they do not know how to live without the windmill.

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The windmill is one of the most important aspects of the Animal Farm. The windmill is a vital part of the farm’s economy, and it helps the pigs in the story. The Windmills are an important part of the Animals in the book. While it may seem silly at first, they can help you answer the questions in the novel. Then, you can use the worksheet to review the story.

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