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First thing is first: what is Values Worksheet? Values Worksheet is a flashcard creator that comes with a user interface that allows the designer to customize and tailor a presentation of core values. You can add, edit and delete the core values and then generate a Pdf out of it. One can also use Values Worksheet to create a presentation of the core values that will be used by the employees for the purpose of motivating the team. In short: values worksheet is a Pdf template containing the corporate or organizational values and they can be accessed by the team in order to become more successful and stay competitive.

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Why is Values Worksheet Pdf important? When you are planning and designing an annual company review or performance review, the leaders or managers often refer to the bottom line numbers. They just want to understand whether the company has made significant progress towards reaching the set goals. Most often, they fail to focus on the values of the organization. By default, when presenting the company’s performance, managers always highlight the bottom line figures and do not take time to mention the achievements of the key executives or staff members, who have worked hard to make the company successful.

A Values Worksheet, as suggested by its name, is a customizable PDF that contains the core values. The values can be organized in different ways so that you can easily determine which values need to be highlighted and which ones are unnecessary. If the values show a trend, you can make it look like the number of sales have increased for the last 3 years. Just drag the line that shows the trend, move it up or down and change its color according to the values you want to highlight.

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What can you do with Values Worksheet Pdf? You can create value-based PowerPoint presentations. Just copy and paste the data that you want to include and then set the background color to black and make the font size 24. Use the same fonts that you use in the presentation. For the title of the slide, you can insert the values exercises that will show how the company has performed in the past few years. For the subheading, you can insert the key corporate goals that have been set by the top management.

In creating presentations using the values exercises, you can also add some humor to it. You can add charts and graphs such as the number of sales per year for a given period and the average price of a particular product. You can also note that the average price of the product changed over the period. The entire presentation can have a funny touch if you put the key corporate goals next to the chart. Just make sure that you choose the right charts and graphics.

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Another great way of using the core values worksheet is to create a summary of your company’s mission. You can summarize the company vision and the purpose of establishing the company. Just include the key personal values or the organizational mission statement below the summary of the core values. This will give a good idea to the audience whether this is a serious company or not.

If you are using the values worksheet in the corporate training of the employees, you can also present some quizzes on it. You can include some personality tests that will measure the aptitude of the team. Just make sure that the results of these tests should be shown in the worksheet and not in the main presentation. This is one of the effective ways in which you can motivate your employees through the use of the values flashcards.

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The values worksheet is indeed one of the tools that you can use to motivate your team. Just remember that the purpose here is to share the important things with everyone. So, as much as possible, don’t make it too general. Keep it simple. It will really help you determine the team’s real potentials.

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