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This Forrest Gump Movie Worksheet Answers pack helps students analyze characters, feelings, and decisions, while connecting events in history. The first activity asks students to connect historical events to Forrest’s experiences and discuss the importance of worrying. This kit includes 19 high-level essays and short answer questions. Forrest Gump Movie Worksheet Answers packs contain both free-response and multiple-choice questions. Each lesson includes a student guide and worksheet, allowing teachers to monitor progress and check for understanding.

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Forrest Gump was born in Blue Island, Illinois. He met Lt. Dan Taylor in Vietnam and was subsequently blasted for saving him. They became friends for many years and ran into each other during the war years. Forrest and Lt. Dan eventually met again when Forrest accompanied Lt. Dan on a shrimp boat. Both had ancestors who died in the various American wars.

As a child, Forrest had the last name of Bubba. He was put under the command of whom in Vietnam and was a soldier in the army. During this time, he also enrolled in college but decided to enroll in a law school. Afterwards, he bought a shrimp boat. Which field did he pursue? And what about his life after graduation?

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Forrest Gump’s IQ was 91. In school, he was put under whom’s command, and they are assigned to separate classes. In Vietnam, they have to serve under the command of a white man. After they are released, they are given orders to serve in a different branch of the military. Upon reaching a new position, they will have to go to the Vietnam War, where they will encounter soldiers who have fought in the war and are unable to work because of their lack of education.

Despite being a successful war veteran, Forrest has been forced to serve in many wars. He also spent time in Vietnam as a soldier, but later on, he decides to become a hippie. After serving in Vietnam, he returns to his hometown. His last name is Forrest, and he lives in a house in Alabama. After graduating from high school, he joins the Hippie movement, where he meets his wife Bubba.

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If you’ve seen the movie, you may already know all of the details. But you probably still can’t remember the details. Forrest Gump’s ancestors are killed in every war in the United States. This film has been one of the most beloved movies in recent years. It has captivated moviegoers of all ages. Regardless of age, Forrest Gump will leave behind a lasting impression.

Forrest Gump has a high IQ. What did his parents do to help him? He asked God to turn his mother into something. He was a famous actress. In addition to her mother, Forrest’s father, Bubba, served in the Vietnam War. Throughout the movie, Forrest had an ancestor who served in every American war. He told his mother about his dream of owning a shrimp boat and asking for a job.

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Forrest’s family name is Forrest. He is named “Bubba” (the lingo of a famous person). He also has a nickname: Benjamin Buford Blue. His mom was a famous actress. Forrest’s IQ was 91 when he was a child. During the Vietnam War, his father, Bubba, a soldier, and a ping-pong paddle were adopted. After the movie, he became a Hippie.

The movie begins by Forrest’s mother’s IQ was 91, and Bubba was a Vietnam War veteran. When he got home, he was able to find his son, and they became friends. Similarly, they were put under the command of a woman called Jenny. However, they did not get married. The two eventually become lovers. In fact, Forrest Gump’s mother is famous as a famous actress.

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Aside from being a great movie, “Forrest Gump” is a good choice for students who want to improve their grade in school. It is a wonderful movie for kids. Forrest Gump is a very funny movie, and it’s an enduring classic that won’t be forgotten any time soon. It was nominated for several awards, including Best Supporting Actress Chazz Palminteri.

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