DNA Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Before discussing why DNA reading comprehension worksheet is important, please are fully aware of the fact that instruction is in fact own powerful component to a better learning experience and finding out on your own that something you learned does not even stop after class bell rings. When the student leaves the class room he/she has achieved a step beyond the classroom and now must apply what they have learned in the classroom to solve a problem for themselves. Most of the instructions in biology classes are presented in verbally formatted ways that most students find easy to comprehend. The problem with this though is that most students have no idea how to go about expressing their own point of view to their instructors, or in other words how they should be using the information they were taught in the previous session. What needs to happen at this stage is for the student to make up their own mind about which information they should present to their instructor.

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So what do I mean by making up your own mind? Well, I am saying that a web template DNA reading comprehension worksheet can give you the opportunity to express your opinion and thoughts on any issue that you find difficult to discuss within your classes. If for example, you believe that human cloning is morally wrong, but you are unable to express this viewpoint to your instructor, a DNA reading comprehension worksheet could be a great way of getting across your point. You simply enter into the web template your own opinion regarding human cloning, which is then converted into a graphical representation.

How cool is that? In another example, let’s say you find that the law of probability states that a certain number of UFO’s exist in our galaxy. Many people believe that there is solid evidence that these flying objects exist, but they are not sure how to explain how the evidence came into existence. If you enter into the web template an explanation as to how the evidence came about, you would be able to provide your own viewpoint onto the issue and allow other students to use the same web page to determine their own opinions.

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A DNA reading comprehension worksheet would provide the perfect tool for educating students on the laws of probability and the likelihood of life. Students would learn how to weigh the evidence that they have gathered and determine whether the theory of intelligent life is correct or not. After all, if life does exist on other planets, why haven’t we found signs of it yet? If we find conclusive evidence that life does exist on other planets, we may be able to travel to these planets and discover more about our own origins.

Now don’t get me wrong, I realize that you probably do not believe in God or religion. And I’m willing to bet that your professor thinks the same thing. As I stated before, providing a means for students to express their opinion is one way that colleges can ensure that their course material is taught to the greatest degree possible. After all, if students feel like they are being given a question or dilemma that they must answer, they are going to think less about the topic at hand and more time will be spent thinking about how to respond. That doesn’t help anyone understand the subject matter!

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As with any subject that is taught, the teacher must provide a means for the students to get their ideas down on paper. The DNA reading comprehension worksheet is such a means. But don’t let the word “writes” fool you. These sheets aren’t made out of magic marker pens. Instead, they are made out of high-quality construction paper that has been professionally laminated. There is no rubbing or bleeding that will distract from the concept being taught.

You may be asking yourself what kind of educational tools could improve student learning. One of the best ways to do this is through a method of “re-visit” instruction. Let’s say the student had the idea that the DNA letter of each living cell represents a particular characteristic of that person. If he or she can’t write it down, the teacher can remind them in a way that will help them remember. Perhaps the student can be asked to write the letter on a sheet of paper and then draw or type it on the board. This not only helps to reinforce the knowledge being taught, it also gets the student thinking in terms of his or her knowledge and not just memorizing.

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The DNA reading comprehension worksheet is a very simple yet very effective way to reinforce the concepts being taught. Not only do students learn their letters by writing them down, they reinforce their knowledge by drawing or typing them on the appropriate board. This helps them to build upon what they have learned and build on their current skills. With a little practice, you will be able to use this worksheet over again as an effective learning tool.

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