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Na 1st Step: The Na 1st Step Worksheets is a terrific and easy to use resource that comes in a variety of formats. These can be purchased as booklets, in digital PDF format, or in hard copy (pdf) format. The booklets are easy to read and give instructions for each worksheet, and most are formatted to work with Microsoft Word, Publisher, or Adobe Acrobat Reader. They make excellent reference tools for students learning mathematics through algebra.

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The Na 1st Step worksheets use a simple concept: cells can be viewed as blocks of a single color, whereas cells on the right (and top) are filled in with a lighter shade of that color (a white cell). The concept is that a student will learn how to make a basic two-atom molecule. The two-atom molecule has two electrons (one attached to each of the chemical ions), and that “atom” has four “positions,” or positions on the molecular orbitals. By placing two of the atoms in a separate box, and putting that box into the electrically charged compartment of a metal plate, you create a one-atom ball. Once the two atoms have been isolated, they form a hydrogen bond.

A second worksheet teaches students about the concepts of cellular respiration. The Na 1st Step teaches how the respiratory process uses up “excess” oxygen molecules (particles that are heavier than an atom, but less than a proton). The student will learn how to build a virtual lab by placing cells on a “stage” in a petri dish. After connecting a leaflet (cell) on the top of the petri dish with its cord, and attaching a glass bead (bio Molecule) to the tip of a pipette, a small amount of water (an electrolyte) will be added to the cells. When this water dries, it will be sucked into the cell through the pipette, and through the metal channel (the bio Molecule’s oral outlet).

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As the microprocess begins, there will be an increase in the electron flow across the membrane. This will happen because of the electrical field that forms across the cell. There are many different types of electric fields, and Na 1st Step’s workbook provides a list of them, along with their effects. The workbook also lists the conditions under which the electric field can form, and explains why the cells must remain in one position during the entire process.

One thing the Na 1st Step Worksheet will not cover is how to use Na from the tank to power the cells. The student will need to buy a few items from a science supply store for this demonstration, such as a glass sphere (for a cell), glass rods, and plastic cups. One way to show how Na is used is to build a virtual cell using Na and K salt. To do this, you will need an electric Na generator and some Na salt.

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Run the Na generator without Na salt in the water, then add the Na salt and watch what happens. You will see that the virtual cells have grown to fill the glass sphere. Then add a little bit more Na to the tank, and see what happens. Keep doing this for a few days, until the virtual cell has filled the entire tank!

Once you have created the Na virtual cell, test it by putting some of the sodium chloride crystals into the cell. What do you see? The crystal beads will stay in place! This shows that the cells are attached and are “gaining” virtual reality status. This is the best proof that Na cells really do have a place in high school science projects, even though such projects may be less interesting to students.

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As a final thought, let me say that I’m very glad that I taught my son about Na, K, and the virtual cell in his workshop. It’s helped us learn a lot more about what’s going on in our bodies, and Na is actually the chemical in our body that makes us “sick”. If you’re wondering if Na is your next step in your learning journey – go ahead and get yourself a Na 1st Step Worksheet. You’ll learn a lot more in just one lesson! Happy math!

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