Chapter 11 the Price Strategy Worksheet Answers

One of the questions most frequently asked when filing an answer to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) commercial filing requirements is: What is the meaning of the “price strategy” in Chapter 11? Some business owners, anxious for any legal advice they can get, approach the question in a defensive manner. They may declare that the contents of the Chapter 11 are simply what they have always known, that “the price strategy works.” Others will assert that the Chapter 11 works only if one buys stocks according to a predefined price strategy. Neither response provides any real solace to those who seek Chapter 11 support.

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The fact is that the contents of Chapter 11 do not conform to any specific definition of the term “price strategy.” The U.S. Securities Exchange Commission has chosen to define the term as an overly broad method of anticipating the direction of share prices. To the Commission, a “price strategy” is a “systematic” method of stock selection that “reads” the market and takes appropriate action when an investor comes upon information that makes it “probably” or “arguably” certain that the selected stock will increase in price. It then considers all of the relevant circumstances surrounding the purchase of the stock and concludes whether it is “prices consistent with the strategy.”

It is impossible to know which strategy a particular investor will follow. The reality is that the ability to trade effectively relies on the knowledge of numerous individual investors. To that end, no system can offer a promise of return. Likewise, the fact that a particular investment may not provide a return is dependent on the strategies and behavior of the individual investor. A well-planned stock selection depends on the knowledge of the investor and his or her individual strategies and expectations.

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As is true with any tool, the best way to learn how the worksheet answers questions is by experiencing it for yourself. That said, you cannot expect to learn how the strategy works just by reviewing a sheet that compares it to others. The reason is that no two individual investors are alike. Therefore, no stock can be expected to respond in identical ways to a same set of strategies. However, if you do a good job modeling common investing behaviors, the worksheet should provide sufficient information to help you understand how the strategies you consider work.

There is a basic methodology behind the analysis presented in the worksheet. When analyzing the strategies included in the worksheet, the investors’ attention is captured because they are all focused on a single goal, which is to attain a return. In doing so, they are less likely to stray from the prescribed path and become distracted. When the investor chooses to deviate, he or she is presented with the potential risk/reward trade off scenario, which is not helpful in developing an accurate prediction of future stock prices.

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There are several charts in the worksheet, and the analysis presented is directly correlated to the chart patterns used. For example, when a stock is being traded in a long, flat manner, it is more likely to be considered a strong buy. Conversely, a stock that is trending up should be considered a strong sell. The analysis provides a user with a reliable guide to identifying buying and selling points for stocks.

Another major benefit derived from the worksheet is its educational value. The analysis provides the user with critical thinking skills, which he or she might not acquire from other forms of investment analysis. This is because the strategies are presented in a clear and concise format, which makes it easy to understand. As the value of education increases, people tend to gravitate toward those with a Master’s degree in finance or investing. Therefore, the worksheet answers a need for all investors, regardless of background.

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A key benefit derived from the Price Strategy Worksheet is the ability to use the strategies to forecast future market behavior. It is important for investors to become familiar with the markets, as well as technical and fundamental analysis. However, it can become difficult to learn all the nuances of these various methods, as they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. A good stock trading strategy will take advantage of strengths of both markets, while using fundamental and technical data to determine where a stock is headed. The Price Strategy Worksheet provides this type of information in a clear and concise form, which makes it useful for all investors.

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