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This Elevator Speech Worksheet is an essential resource available only within the U.S. Department of Energy’s 5001 Resource Provider tool. It is intended to be used by a presentation maker to develop an effective presentation for promoting energy conservation to key decision makers and management. It provides structure to provide an elevator speech which is twelve seconds long, thirty seconds and three minute long, and assists users develop lasting energy efficiency language skills. The ten main components of the speech include:

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The Benefits: Highlight the Key Benefits: A strong start is always important. Make sure to include at least five benefits for the audience, who may already be receptive to the subject matter. Mention at least one concrete action to take (e.g., reduce energy consumption, save money, improve air quality, etc.)

Research the Audience: Find out the audience and their needs. Prepare a study tour if necessary. Determine the type of audience: Young kids? Older adults?

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State the Premise: Begin with the premise. Stay on topic. Use detail: Every element of your speech should be related to the premise. Mention all relevant topics. Stay on topic: Stay on topic, without sounding repetitive.

Answer the Questions: Assign points to questions asked by the audience. Answer questions related to the presentation. Do not assume you know the answer.

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State the Premise Again: Mention the same premise, but this time, say it in another way. Do not allow the audience to guess what the next sentence will be. State it like it is written: “To present your PowerPoint slides, follow these easy steps…” Go on. End it with a reminder: “To summarize, your aim is to inform and motivate the audience…” Follow up with a summary of the presentation.

Business presentation worksheets are especially helpful in presenting a very important business presentation. They can also be used during training sessions or a job interview. Elevator speeches are generally intended for employees, clients, and outsiders; they provide useful tips to help people get across important messages in a clear and concise manner.

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In a job interview, a presentation worksheet can be a great tool to avoid questions about the presenter’s background and to make the interview more friendly. These worksheets will also keep business owners and managers from forgetting key details about their company that will be discussed during the talk. Elevator speeches tend to get quite long, so using a quick and easy to use worksheet can make it easier and quicker for the speakers to get through. Using an elevator speech worksheet will not only help speakers and audience members to remember key information and details about a given topic, but also keep them on the topic as well.

A worksheet can also help speakers focus their thoughts and make sure that they are not talking past each other’s heads. Speakers will generally need to use several slides to illustrate their point. However, when using PowerPoint, speakers can become distracted and start talking past one another’s heads. Using a visual outline makes it easier for everyone to follow along and absorb the information presented.

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Using an elevator speech worksheet also makes it easier for the speaker to ask questions, which is a necessary step during the presentation. This worksheet can be created in a few different ways. Most online worksheets are organized by topic and have columns for each major slide. The speaker can use the left side to list their opening statements, and the right side to list their closing statements. There is usually a space at the top of the worksheet for typing a question or for leaving a question blank.

A good way to ensure that the audience is properly informed is to provide a worksheet with some questions that have multiple answers. For instance, the worksheet could include “How many floors do I have to climb?” Another good question could be “When does the elevator stop on floor X?” These types of questions to ensure that the audience has some knowledge of the topic at hand, which will make them more likely to understand what the speaker is trying to convey.

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An elevator speech worksheet is very important for a motivational speaker, who must ensure that their talk is interesting and insightful. In order for a speech to be memorable, it must be thought-provoking. However, at the same time, it has to be short enough so that the audience doesn’t lose interest. By using an effective elevator speech worksheet, speakers can keep their audiences in mind and avoid having a boring talk. It also ensures that no one person is repeating the same information, and everyone gets something out of the talk.

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