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This article will explain the role of a Rotations Practice Worksheet and how to write the rule for reflecting over the ball. This can be a very useful tool, especially in teaching your kids how to hit the ball correctly. When you teach your kids to strike the ball with the shoulders and not the hips – you are teaching them a very important skill that will play an important role in their future hitting. As I said earlier, this is very important because you are changing the path of the trajectory of the ball when you teach this skill – and what is more important than the actual destination is safety. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that your kids understand where the ball will go before they hit it – by making a simple rotational chart to keep track of all their movements while they practice.

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The basic idea behind a rotations chart is to use a dot on one side to represent where the ball will be located – in this case, the center of the circle (the “origin”) and its radius on the other side. You would then have the kids draw the circle on the other side using their wrists and shoulders as the markers. So if you give them the proper wrist and shoulder position – they can rotate 90 clockwise or counterclockwise as necessary. What makes it even more important that the kids understand the importance of having this kind of chart is that it also helps them understand the importance of their rotations – in other words, that you are giving them visual evidence each time they rotate their wrists and shoulders.

This is what a Rotations Practice Worksheet will look like: First, a dot is represented on one side of the circle. Next, you will notice two boxes on the opposite sides of the dot representing the shoulders and arms, respectively. Under the first box, you will see a number that corresponds to the number of rotations you should perform. Under the second box, you will see two numbers that represent the number of clockwise rotations you should perform. At the top of the Rotations Practice Worksheet is a red X to remind you to stop whenever you get too close to the line.

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Now here’s how it works. When your kids start to do the exercises on the Rotations Practice Worksheet, they are required to perform a series of rotations representing the normal way to turn your arm or shoulder. This means that for the first few rotations, the starting point (the origin) and the ending point (the destination) are the same. As they continue to rotate, the starting point and the destination become different.

It’s important to understand this because it has the effect of diminishing the impact of rotations. For instance, when someone swings their arm back and forth, their shoulder moves around an axis. As they continue to swing, the shoulder continues to move around that axis – but the actual wrist angle does not change. If instead of their arm they took their wrist and pushed it against their chest – the wrist would continue to move around their axis, but the angle would be very small. This would not have any significant impact on the power generated by their wrists – just a small decrease in wrist flexion. So, by taking their wrist away from the chest and rotating it around their axis, their shoulder will move more freely, and their golf swing will become more effective.

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Now that you know this, the next step is to have them complete the Rotations Practice Worksheet twice, once while holding the ball. Have them produce balls at different angles – as high or low as they can go without it hurting. Then, record the results. Record the distance the balls travel from the ball – and the velocity with which they went into the air. Record as many balls as they can handle, then see if their distances improve.

The next drill is to do the same thing, but this time, have them rotate their shoulders. Have them bring the club up to their chest height, then bring it down again. Next, have them do the rotations again – but this time, have them use the momentum built up in the rotation to drive the ball forward. Record their scores the next time, and see which method creates the biggest difference in terms of distance.

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These are just a few of the hundreds of drills you could put together using this technique. But what if you don’t have all the time in the world? Well, that’s a question I hear often from beginners. “How am I supposed to improve my golf swing when I don’t know how to improve?” Well, this exercise works for both beginner and experienced golfers.

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