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The Basics of Lawmaking worksheets are available to everyone in a course of law school study. The Basics of Lawmaking worksheets are extremely valuable for anyone who plans to become involved in the legal profession. How to teach the basics of legislative branch worksheets to students is an important skill for anyone who hopes to become an attorney or work in the legal field. Learning how government works helps students be better informed members of the legal community. Students need to have a firm grasp on how the branches of government make laws and determine what the intent of these laws are before they can begin to question the validity of certain acts.

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The First Fundamental Skill that all Students Need to Learn is how Congress makes laws. In order to know what these laws are, students need to have an understanding of how the United States Congress decides on the laws. Students learn from this course of study, how the branches of government get together and agree on bills that the American people will later be required to pass into law. All students should have basic knowledge of how the process works so they can easily answer the questions the professors may ask regarding Congress and how the laws are made. Students should also have a general knowledge of how the courts work and know how the branches of government get there decisions as well.

The Second Fundamental Skill to teach students is how the Constitutional Amendment process works. The Constitutional Amendment process starts with the United States Congress and goes all the way down to the state level. Every state has their own processes for proposing and debating constitutional amendments. A student should have a good understanding of how each state starts the amendment process and how it moves through the legislature. Every state will have a different time line for passing an amendment through the legislature.

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The Third Fundamental Skill to learn is how the legislature gets around the Constitutional Amendment process. The States must pass laws to allow a proposed amendment to move through the legislature and become a law. This process can take years to complete and is not dependent on one person being in office. In other words, an elected official cannot be held responsible for whether a law is passed or not. In most states a bill must pass two separate sessions before it can be voted on in the general assembly and then another session for it to be voted into law by the state’s citizens in a vote of confidence.

A fourth fundamental skill to have a successful college career is to know the history of laws that affect a legal system. A brief summary of how our nation’s laws work will help a student better understand how the system works. A student should be able to read a simple law and understand its effect. If the law has a complicated definition, then the student should read the explanation of how to read the legislature or the judicial proceeding that defines the law.

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Fifth, a student should know how to read the documentation provided to prove a point, whether in court or in writing. He or she should know how to read bills. They should be familiar with the number of individuals who must sign a document and what their role is when signing. They should also know how to read amendments that are made to existing laws. A Constitutional Amendment may be one of those amendments. A student should be familiar with the procedure of amendment.

Sixth, a student should be able to formulate an argument and present that argument in his or her report. This may involve reading a legal document or writing a legal essay. A lawyer may help the student prepare his or her argument. Writing an essay requires a student to do research and cite sources for the essay. A student should be able to cite sources for the purpose of proving a point.

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Seventh, a student should know how to write a concise legal document. A legal document is very different from a newspaper column or political comment. In fact, writing a legal document is a little bit different than writing a newspaper column or a blog entry. Each article has certain sections that need to be filled in by the writer. However, in a legal case, a judge is looking to the legislature to fill in the sections. Therefore, it is up to the legal writer to make sure that he or she writes a concise version of his or her opinion.

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