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In this article, we discuss the chemical naming activities of the students and graduates in a chemistry laboratory. Naming activities have to be carried out before lab work starts so that the student understands what chemicals are being named. A good way of understanding what goes on in a chemical laboratory is to use a chemistry worksheet for naming. The student should be able to understand in which cells something is located. Lab activities involving chemistry labs need to involve chemistry lab equipment that is easily accessible.

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Compound ending in ateo, ie., a particular number such as seven, eight, nine, ten, etc., means seven-chloropropane (seven) or seven-ene glycol (ten) or any other number (n). Play practical game related worksheets using these chemical formulas. 6 potassium iodide (I) for example, a compound ending in “K” that is used to react with oxygen in water (which results in water vapor and hence the compound’s name), six carbonates (C), six alpha hydroxyl radicals (A), six alkenes (A’) and one bromine (B).

You can do the experiment to see whether or not the student is able to write chemical formulas satisfactorily using these simple worksheets. If you wish, you can also include an experimental test on the worksheet. In this test, you will need two bottles of deionized water, two envelopes each holding one teaspoon of sodium hypochlorite, and one gram of magnesium oxide. The test questions would be as follows:

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For C and D, divide the test into four groups, each having ten seconds of retention time. Have the students divide the compounds in the four categories A, B, C and E. The students must then complete their own chemistry laboratory book and write the corresponding chemistry laboratory question on the worksheet. Afterward, the teacher will review the answer and the worksheet. The teacher may again review the answer again. If you find that the answer does not match the writing, you are correct; this cannot be covalent, as the second step has not been met.

For C and D, divide the test into three groups A, B and C. Again, have the students divide the compounds in the three categories A, B and C. Again, after a review of the last step of the writing, the teacher again reviews the question and the answer. This time, the answer matches the writing, but this time, it is covalent. The following ionic practice worksheet can be used to help with solving this problem.

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The second step for solving this problem is to practice writing the first two steps of the second step, using the appropriate key words. Write the first step as follows: “The first ionic compound formula writing requires writing the formula in the present tense.” Next, write the second step as follows: “Naming chemical compounds, with which we want to solve a problem, is to write a formula whose first and second element is a unique ion with a single proton and electron.” Once both steps are written, post them on the worksheet, with the appropriate key words.

When answering questions name these compounds, use words that are based on the structure of the compounds. Using words such as “proton” when you mean a proton, or “phosphate” when you mean a phosphate, are common errors that people make while writing answers on a worksheet for answering ionized compounds. If you have difficulty finding synonyms for some commonly used words, use words that are found in your textbook, and then substitute “proton” or “phosphate” for the spelling in your text book. You will be able to answer the question correctly, because you are accustomed to writing the compound in the appropriate language.

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When you begin to think of mixing different ionic compounds together, start by thinking of common allergic reactions. For instance, you may have had an reaction the night before to some type of food, and now you’re wondering how to get rid of a tick. To name chemical compounds that are similar in this example, think of the typical foods that can cause an allergic reaction, and then name the new chemical compounds that are similar. For example, there are some fruits that contain natural plant alkaloid that can cause a tick’s antlers to drop off. Begin to think of other ways to mix the compounds in your answer, and don’t use words you’re unfamiliar with just to save time.

If you’re unsure about whether or not you are spelling the correct word, use a chemistry nomenclature that is accepted by the scientific community. The USENET has a chemistry dictionary that is referred to frequently. The UK’s PHPE provides an excellent reference as well. Many libraries have free resources available for teachers and students, so use them when you need to provide examples of naming chemical compounds.

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Naming chemical compounds is an important part of chemical analysis and is often overlooked by untrained students. It is easy for a student to get frustrated and give up if he or she is unable to solve a problem using the standard method of solving problems. Make sure that you’re properly spelling each word in your answer, and take advantage of online chemistry nomenclature before beginning to tackle a complex issue.

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