4th Grade Main Idea Worksheets Multiple Choice

What’s so great about using multiple choice main idea worksheets for brainstorming and problem solving? You get a fresh idea for every question, and you get to use the real world as your “lesson plan” in creative ways! You don’t have to use an old “planned” answer that’s been repeated to you over. You get to think, and even act on, your original main idea.

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Imagine that you’re in class doing your assignment, and you get a multiple choice question. You can either help the teacher to direct you to the answer, or you can think of another answer on your own. If you choose the first option, then you’re wasting time thinking of other answers. If you choose the second option, then you’re giving yourself, and everyone else in the classroom, the opportunity to learn something new about the main idea. Using main ideas worksheets allows you to get both of your options at the same time.

The main idea is usually the beginning of a new lesson and often involves some creative topic or lesson plan that you’ve developed during your lessons in the past. In many cases, the lesson has a beginning, middle, and end – or a beginning, a middle, and an end. A main idea worksheet is a great way to get students involved in the lesson. Instead of just listing their choices, they get to think.

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It’s important to be clear with your students when it comes to how much room there is for multiple choices for a main idea. Say you have an essay question, for example. In your multiple-choice form, make sure you tell your students exactly what they can expect to see in the essay question and how long it should take them. Give them hints as to where they might find information or support for their answer and avoid getting too specific with their answers.

After you give students hints on what questions might be found in the essay, you need to give them some freedom to choose their own answers. Let them write down their answers in a notebook. Then, they need to discuss their choices with someone who will be unbiased, such as a teacher, parent, or peer. Keep in mind that the answers you give students about the main ideas should be related to what they already know.

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Students love to share! One great way to encourage this sharing of ideas and information is by allowing them to share the lists with each other using a comment box on a worksheet. For example, if an essay question includes questions about the size of a star, include a space for a comment box with a question for each student to answer: “What do you know about stars?” You can also use a multiple-choice format for their comments. Students love to be recognized for their ideas and will enjoy sharing with others the ideas that they have come up with in their own research.

Let them use their own words to explain their main idea. Do not try to dictate the words they should use because that will take the fun out of it. Instead, encourage them to use the words that they are most comfortable using. For example, if you are explaining the process of mining minerals from the ground, let them describe how the idea came to you. If they cannot really explain how they came up with the idea, just ask them what kind of factors motivate them to mine minerals from the ground. For example, did they read about how it would be economically beneficial to mine from the ground in a scientific book?

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Once students have provided their response to the main idea, write down their answer on the worksheet. Have them grade the sheet and grade the answers together. Ask them to give you their opinion on the worksheet and to provide a list of reasons they came up with their answers. That way, you can review the list of reasons and decide whether or not your students truly understood the question or they were simply unable to come up with a sensible answer.

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Main Idea Worksheets 2nd Grade
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