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An audience analysis worksheet is an important part of any study of communication and influence. It is essentially a two-page spread sheet that presents the results of a statistical study involving a large number of respondents. These sheets not only contain descriptive information about the topic, they also provide quantitative data about what those respondents thought about the subject, how they were influenced by factors, and the results of the persuasion techniques used. Audience responses are invaluable in determining the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and this form of analysis can be used in any situation where you need to estimate the response rates of your target audience.

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The purpose of an audience analysis worksheet is to allow the researcher to determine the response rates of a specific group of people. Generally, a worksheet will have two or more sections: one for the characteristics of the target respondents, and one for the questionnaires that they filled out. In these two sections the researcher can statistically test different persuasive techniques against a set of characteristics or questions. This worksheet is therefore designed to allow the researcher to statistically test different persuasion techniques against known characteristics of the target respondents. By testing each technique against the set of qualities a particular respondent has, the researcher can estimate the effectiveness of that technique against other possible methods.

Before you begin using the audience analysis worksheet, it is important that you become familiar with the data required from it. Each of the section in the audience analysis worksheet has descriptive information on what it is; for instance, age, sex, and location. In addition, each item in the worksheet has a figure, line graph, or spreadsheet associated with it.

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Once you know what the data fields for each section of the worksheet consist of you will be ready to start using the worksheet. Each of the section worksheets will have a target respondent, as well as a range of characteristics to which they respond. The target respondent is the person or group of people you will study during your studies; it could be your customers or employees. Each of the characteristic you choose to track will have a corresponding figure, line graph, or spreadsheet associated with it. In this way you can calculate the audience response rate and compare your methods of advertising against the characteristics of the target audience.

In order to compare your various advertising methods against the characteristics of your audience, you must first calculate the response rate for each method. The response rate is simply the percentage of people who completed a questionnaire that responded to the questions posed. The higher the response rate, the more effective your marketing campaigns and advertisements are likely to be. However, if your response rate is very low, you may not get very accurate results. If you do not want to take the chance of invalidating all your measurements and results by using invalid data, you should calculate a normal distribution of response rates for each method, then compare these distributions to one another.

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In addition to measuring response rates, you will also want to consider other characteristics of your audience when you conduct your audience’s analysis. These characteristics may not be as easy to determine as the response rate, but they can play a bigger role in your results. Examples of these characteristics include geography, age, sex, and other demographics. If you already have a fairly good idea of these characteristics of your target audience, you can use the same method of calculating your target audience profile and compare your results against these characteristics. For example, if you know that men are more likely to use online shopping than women, you can make an assumption about men’s behavior and find that your results and advertising will be more successful among men than among women.

It is easy to make an audience analysis on your own, if you know how. However, if you don’t feel confident about carrying out this task, you can always contact a qualified consultant. You may even want to hire a consultant who will be honest with you about the purpose of your research and provide you with the results you need so that you can decide whether or not to proceed further. A consultant may even be able to get you started on an effective ad campaign by helping you choose the best spots for your ads and helping you design the design of your website and other online marketing materials.

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When you are all done with your audience analysis, you will likely notice some trends emerge. This is a great time to begin making changes based on your findings. Make sure to keep track of the results you obtain using your audience analysis worksheet. Use the information you gain from this worksheet and other tools to fine tune your online marketing efforts.

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