Inherited Traits Worksheet

A quick and easy test to find out if you have inherited any traits is the Inherited Traits Worksheet. It is a two-page form that contains basic information on every trait. It contains data on: Average Score, Occupational Success, Average Time Spent per Day, and Parent’s Occupational Success. Students are then able to answer basic questions about each trait, and then determine if they have inherited any traits from their parents or grandparents.

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Inherited traits worksheets were created for a high school science project and are used in almost every grade in the AP Exams. These worksheets provide a concise outline of the various traits associated with human beings and their relationships to others. They also provide information on traits that can be passed down from one generation to another. In order to create the worksheets, students used a computer program to draw the various human traits and then organized the information on a single sheet of paper.

The main focus of the Inherited Traits Worksheet is to provide information about the basis for inheritance. Each cell on the worksheets contains information about a specific trait. Within each cell are listed two to three sets of names of people who have passed the genes for that trait onto the next generation. For example, in the Worksheet for Occupational Success, the names of the parent and grandparents are listed. Then in the succeeding rows the traits listed for each of those parents and grandparents are listed. The worksheets are helpful to determine if a particular trait is passed on from one generation to the next.

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Students who use the worksheets to discover if any inherited traits are present in their families should spend a few minutes every day reviewing their families to look for any changes. Often times there are obvious changes like a person inheriting a blue eye color or a green complexion. Other times changes can be more subtle.

For example, a person inherits a blue eye color from one parent and a green complexion from the other. If the parents are blue eyes they may have light eye color while their grandparents may have brown eyes. The Worksheet will help in determining if this is an inherited trait. In order to make the determination the person must also check the other parent’s records.

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In the Inherited Traits Worksheet for 5thgrade Students, heredity grades are used to determine if certain traits are recessive or dominant. In worksheets for kindergarten through fourth graders, students use the worksheets to learn about bloodlines and how traits from one-parent affect children who have come from another. In fifth grade genetics is still a hot topic and worksheets that pertain to this subject include Bloodlines, genealogies, and genetic disorders. Inherited Traits fifth graders will also find many worksheets that relate to common behaviors like sitting up, crawling, talking, walking, and talking. For sixth graders genetics and heredity are topics that parents and teachers discuss and the fifth graders will find many worksheets that talk about these topics as well.

Inherited Traits worksheets are created to allow parents to make positive statements about traits that can show whether their child has one or both of the listed traits. In fifth grade reading is important and the worksheets help to determine if the child is a slow reader or a fast reader. Fifth graders also learn about colors and when they should hold hands or when two colors should be separated. Genetics and heredity are also covered in fifth graders’ worksheets. These traits help to explain if a person is a carrier of a disease that causes the trait or if the trait is passed down from parents.

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Much research has been done on how much money is lost due to family wealth because of inherited traits. It is believed that most cases of color blindness, albinism, and hair color blindness are caused by genes. This means that if you know if your parents have any hereditary disease then you may be able to avoid some of the costs associated with treating these conditions. Inherited Traits worksheets will also let you know if there are any eye color changes that may occur in the future.

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