Cold War Vocabulary Worksheet Answers

The use of cold war vocabulary is still popular with students today. It was during this time that the United States and the Soviet Union fought each other in what became known as the Cold War. Since many of the battles occurred overseas, vocabulary was an important part of the struggle. As such many Cold War vocabulary worksheets have been created to help students learn the words that were commonly used during the time period.

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An early cold war vocabulary worksheet answers questions dealing with food shortages and how they affected both countries. Foods were rationed, so American citizens were forced to consume foods from the American side or else be punished. Certain food products, such as beef, pork, and butter were made in America but not on the eastern side. Pork was branded as German and Italian. Food shortages in Europe also effected the United States because it was very expensive to ship food back and forth between the two countries.

A Cold War vocabulary early cold war worksheet answer question for students to find out what this effected the American economy. Questions include how American goods were priced compared to those of the Soviet Union, which country supplied more oil, and which country supplied more goods. Many of these items were necessities of life during this time period. Cold War vocabulary early worksheets can be very interesting, even for those not interested in studying Cold War history.

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There were many quizzes and games that were designed for this era. One popular game was a quizlet that asking different questions about the American and the Soviet Union. Students were required to click on the correct answer, and then see a picture of an American flag being lowered. A red flag would appear if the correct answer was the American one. This would usually end a sentence that went something like, “The Cold War was eventually ended due to the Soviet Union.”

Question types for lessons can vary depending upon the age of the student and the subject matter. One example would be a lesson plan using the American civil war as an example. A homework question could go something like this: During the Civil War, why was America so afraid of the Chinese? Answer choices for this type of lesson plan can vary by age, and by subject.

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Another way that a student can use a Cold War vocabulary worksheet is by finding an American television series that uses the same phrases and words as the American cold war. For example, a phrase like “the drunk man”, or “the little red dog” might be used when discussing the American civil war. In order to find these television shows one must do a bit of online research. There are websites that host entire lists of famous television shows that have certain phrases and words incorporated into their plots.

The key to answering any of the Cold War vocabulary questions is to do some research before class. It’s very easy to fall into a groove and not think about things in class. If this happens, then the student will probably forget most of the worksheets or the cold war vocabulary answers. It’s important to do plenty of research beforehand to make sure the topics are easy to understand.

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Students who want to get ahead need to make sure they understand all the facts before they start learning the material. Using a Cold War vocabulary work sheet can help make this easier. These worksheets can also be used as reference guides, allowing students to refer back to them when needed.

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