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What would the Declaration Of Independence Be if it had been written and compiled by King George III? That is a question asked by many of his admirers. The question is not always asked, but it should be. The question is whether or not our nation was founded on what the British taught in their Declaration Of Independence. Let’s face it, the Brits were the most educated and the most technically advanced people in Europe, and we gave them what they wanted – NOT slavery, indentured servitude, or an empire. However, what did the British get?

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The thirteen colonies that later became the United States of America were formed out of the British Empire. The British ruled over India, Africa, and several other territories during the time period referred to as the “English Revolution.” Some say that the idea for the Declaration Of Independence came from the need for freedom and liberty. Slavery was widespread during this time, so it is no surprise that the colonists were concerned about their freedom and what it would mean if they were given freedom. The colonists also realized that Britain was bound by Treaties to protect their trade, so any disruptions on the American frontier were unacceptable. It was these and many other reasons that the declaration of independence was written.

The document itself was handwritten using a tiny black pencil. It was a remarkable event in world history because it marked the beginning of the American Revolution. The English kings would send Colonial envoys to the Continental Congress to express their displeasure at the declaration. They would threaten to send their troops into the new country to “repel” the colonists. The Continental Congress ignored their advice and did nothing to prevent the colonists from declaring independence.

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The colonists had enough problems to take advantage of the American government. Angered, they voted to form a revolutionary group known as The Articles of Association. The declaration of independence worksheet highlights the Articles of Association, which established the right of each colony to form its own government. They were to be voted on by the people of each colony, and then submitted to the King of England for approval. If they were not accepted, war would be declared. It was not until 1776 that a majority of the thirteen colonies agreed to submit to the Articles of Association.

For those who want to play a historical role playing game, the declaration of independence worksheet can inspire further research. For example, some of the Articles of Association called for a holy week of fasting and penance. Those who are historians or religious believers might use the history of the declaration of independence as inspiration for their own religious quests. They could examine how the colonists acted when faced with religious persecution during their time in America, or they could look at how some of them dealt with the Articles of Association.

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Those who are studying American history will find the declaration of independence fascinating. However, many students may also be curious about the role of the Articles of Association played in the development of the country’s political structure. How the Articles of Association helped shape the American government is the subject of another discussion. Students may also want to explore how the Articles of Association helped the colonies form the thirteen colonies that constitute the United States of America.

Students can use the Declaration Of Independence worksheet as a source book for learning about the events that took place between the framing of the U.S. Constitution in 1776 and the signing of the Bill of Rights in 1791. It is important to remember, however, that even before the Constitution was signed into law, other statements had already been made by leaders in the Colonies. For example, Thomas Jefferson had written numerous writings on his thoughts on government, including his famous “formula for governance” document. Students can learn about these early discussions and debates by using this worksheet.

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Students can also make use of the Declaration of Independence worksheet to learn more about the life of George Washington. Although he had been born in Pennsylvania, students might not know much about the man. He is, after all, the leader of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. Students can spend the day researching the life of George Washington by using this worksheet and by discussing various topics surrounding Washington’s time as commander of the Continental Army.

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