Comparative Adjectives Worksheet

What is a Comparative Adjective Worksheet? A Comparative Adjective Worksheet is a chart showing comparative adjectives used in an essay. It is a convenient tool for students writing essays on nearly everything under the sun. These worksheets usually have several columns for different Comparatives. They are:

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Comparative Adjectives worksheets are designed for two purposes. First they aid the reader by allowing them to see how each type of adjective is used and when. Second they help the writer by giving them specific information on how an adjective can be used to show the contrast between the subject and the object. For instance, here is an example.

John Doe cooks hamburgers for his family. Jane Doe is his girlfriend. John’s mother has just died. John is upset and feels like his mom was the most important person in his life.

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Jane cooks hamburgers for her family on Sunday afternoon. However, Jane’s father also drinks coffee all day long. He never has enough. John’s mother makes him coffee and she does make good hamburgers.

John’s father never cooks another hamburger. John has never been homely ever since grade school. He feels like his world is crumbling around him.

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Jane is worried about her brother. John is having trouble making friends at school. His grades have also been affected. He wants to stay away from his computer and the trouble that go with it.

Jane is worried too but she cannot stay away from her computer because her boyfriend will find out. The Comparative Adjectives Worksheet might be able to help her. Her grades have been horrible. John Doe comes home one day. He is in pretty bad shape physically. He does not look like he is ready to go out and face the world.

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John has never really felt confident in his appearance or what people think of him. He has always thought that if he looked good then others would also be impressed. As it turns out John’s looks are not quite the success that he thought they were. With the help of his friends and the Comparative Adjectives Worksheet he will start feeling better about himself.

John comes home one day and his hair are a bit messier than normal. His shirt is stained and he is bald on top. These are not things that he expected to see on his first day back from college. He has many theories about how this happened but still can not figure it out. John sees himself as being very blessed.

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John’s friends notice that he seems happier and his demeanor has a new tenor. He starts telling his story and his friends just sit and listen. Some of them wonder how he came to be so sad and pretty. It turns out that John Doe had his hair pulled and his shirt unbuttoned because of acne.

Comparative Adjectives Worksheet options. There are many other worksheets that also have comparisons to make. You can use lots of them depending on your preference. Just choose the ones you want to use. Most worksheets have the English translation for the Comparative Adjectives Worksheet.

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The main idea of this worksheet is to help you discover what adjectives are used most often in a sentence. It gives you useful information about how the language is used around you. When you are writing in English, you will come across many different words. You might find that the word you are trying to use is really common, but you have never really heard anyone say it.

It can take you a while to understand all of the words that might be used in a sentence. You could type in 100 words and spend an entire day looking at the definitions. When you use a worksheet like this, you will save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

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