Point Of View Worksheet 15

Here is a great worksheet to provide students with practice identifying the viewpoint of the writer. This is a 4-page worksheet with 17 more essays on the writer’s perspective. Students read each passage and identify the viewpoint of the writer. Points of view are crucial in writing essays.

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Each page contains two columns. On the left side of the worksheet, students will see the two views of the passage. At the top of the second column students will see the author’s name and a line below it, their opinion about the author. Below this, the title of the essay, along with the word “Views,” is written. Students can check this worksheet as many times as they want to practice recognizing and writing about the views of other people.

On the right side of the worksheet there are four columns. To the right of the column that contains the author’s name there is a line that identifies the first person perspective (I) and the third person perspective (N). Just below the first person perspective there is a line that says, “Views expressed by this writer.” These two perspectives, as previously discussed, are used to help students recognize, read, and write about other people’s point of view.

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After identifying the perspectives students have just read, they can start to work through their essays. The fourth column of the worksheet teaches students to think critically about their argument. Students should first consider the question that they asked at the beginning of the exercise. Then they should move to the second, third and fourth points of view presented in the worksheet.

After considering and weighing each point, students should write the following eight paragraphs: First paragraph should present a thesis statement. Next, they should demonstrate how the arguments they have written in the first paragraph are related to the topic. In the next paragraph they should discuss and evaluate the arguments they made in the previous paragraph. Finally, they should provide their opinion about the topic in the last paragraph.

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In the previous lesson, we introduced two views about an issue. We mentioned the first point of view and briefly explained what that view was. In Point Of View Worksheet 15, we continue with some examples of using a first-person perspective, a third-person perspective and a third-person point of view. Each paragraph should now include at least three of the four points taught in the previous lesson. These include the thesis statement, the demonstration or argument that supports one viewpoint, and the evaluation of that point of view.

Students should move to the next set of worksheets, where they will begin to develop their own perspectives on the topic. Again, they should select three main points and use one or two supporting statements to support those three main points. Again, they should use at least three paragraphs for the worksheets. At the end of the lesson, students should check their grades to confirm their learning.

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The lesson plan is an important tool to help educators and coaches give correct information to students. The objective of the lesson plan is to build and support students’ understanding of lessons. Using a point of view worksheet can make it easier for teachers to do this goal. Using a point of view worksheet, educators can help students understand concepts and lessons much faster. In addition, using a point of view worksheet, students can learn more efficiently and they can understand things quickly and clearly.

Here is another example using a point of view worksheet. Set the worksheet up so that the left-hand pane shows the teacher’s point of view, while the right-hand pane shows the student’s point of view. Next, have the students read the first paragraph. Have them read the text to the letter, emphasizing key words. Then, have them read the last paragraph in the same way.

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In previous lessons, students determined their answers in the box. Now, have them indicate their confidence in their answers by pressing the submit button on their computer worksheet. In this lesson, have the students determine their answers in the box by using a point of view worksheet. Have them circle the key words they are looking for and then have them click on their mouse to submit their answer. When the final bell rings, the class will know which answers were correct.

Here is another way you can use a point of view worksheet. Arrange the worksheet as shown in the illustration at the top of this page. Then, type a few questions on the left-hand side and some more on the right-hand side. Have the students read these questions to each other, alternating perspectives. As soon as the students read their response, they will see how their answer was formed and how it matches the others in the circle.

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