FHA Refinance Worksheet

FHA streamline refinancing loan worksheets can help you understand the information on a FHA Refinance. If you are interested in a refinance on your FHA, you will want to find out how much your payments will change. Understanding this type of change is critical to a successful FHA left.

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First, you must decide how much of your FHA loan amount you would like to change. This depends on several factors, including how much you make currently, how much you pay for insurance, and how long you have been paying on your home. Fha streamline refinance loan worksheets do not provide a complete list of options available to you. The specific loan choices will depend on several factors, such as your credit rating, amount of outstanding debt, your income, and other financial considerations. If you are unsure of how much your refinance options vary by category, you should contact a professional mortgage consultant.

Second, you must identify which of your FHA loans qualify for the specific FHA Refinance Worksheet assistance. You will need to determine the loan amount and the number of months remaining on your original loan. To get these calculations, you will access a free online or calculator. Using these loan amount and loan period parameters, the federal government will compute your new, improved FHA loan amount and monthly payment.

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When using the fha refinance worksheet to identify FHA insured loans, it is important that you include all of your unsecured debts. The majority of FHA insured loans are targeted towards first time home buyers. Thus, the majority of the FHA Refinance Worksheet uses a formula based on the value of the borrower’s primary dwelling. Other loans that are included in these calculators are: the FHA Homebuyer Tax Credit, and the First Time Home buyer Fee Credit. These additional two factors, along with the borrower’s FHA ownership status will determine the resulting amortization schedule and monthly payments.

Third, you must identify which mortgage type you would like to take out. To access your customized fha streamline refinancing worksheet, simply click on “Calculate.” Once you have entered in your loan type, you will see a number of different option choices, which are dependent on your initial loan principal amount, current interest rates, loan to value ratios, and other factors. You can select “recalculate” to go one step further and run a more detailed comparison of your mortgage choices to ensure that you are choosing the best option for your financial situation.

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Fourth, begin by calculating your FHA loan underwriting risk amount. This number will be based on your loan principal balance as well as your credit rating. In order to calculate your FHA loan underwriting risk, you must use the Annual Percentage Rate of Interest and the AMortization Schedule provided in the Federal Housing Agency under “Applicants.” Your final FHA Refinance Worksheet total will represent your closing costs. These fees are determined by underwriting criteria, such as your payment history, FICO score, and other factors.

Lastly, calculate your closing costs using the following information. If you have completed refinancing and are currently working with an FHA Loan Officer, they will provide you with your final FHA Loan Statement. This includes FHA Loan Principal Balance, Closing Costs, Adjustment Charges, Fees and Allowable deductions. Do not forget to include your down payment, any applicable closing costs, and the adjusted cost base.

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After you have completed this worksheet, review your choices to determine which loans offer the best terms and best closing costs. Most lenders offer FHA Refinance Calculators online for free. Or, you may access the Federal Housing Agency website, which offers a tutorial on how to complete an FHA Refinance Worksheet. You can learn more about the FHA, including common mistakes to avoid with refinancing.

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