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Answer: Chemistry Naming Compounds works sheet #4: Fundamental Considerations for Labeling Organic Substances In this fifth worksheetsheet of the series, students learn to label a selected compound. The four steps to labeling include: (a) understanding the atom and molecular orbit; (b) naming the atom and molecule; (c) identifying one or more carbon atoms; and (d) identifying one or more functional groups. To further enhance learning and challenge students, the student can make use of the chemistry Naming Compounds Worksheet in conjunction with the chemistry laboratory activities. These activities are designed to further reinforce learning and help students understand and select chemicals and lab equipment.

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Step one of this fourth worksheet concerns the study of the atom and molecular orbit. Students identify single atoms by labeling each with an appropriate symbol. For instance, to label a hydrogen atom with H, you draw a line between the two brackets, signifying that hydrogen exists in a solution at the point. The second step identifies the electron of the atom. Students learn the meaning of these symbols, how to place them on a molecule, and how to write a molecule’s name.

The third step of the compounds worksheet looks at how to group substances together using compounds. One method is to form a ring from the carbons of adjacent compounds by placing them all on top of a sheet of paper or plastic. Then they can be viewed and compared under a microscope to see which compounds are identical and which are different. Compound display books and teacher guides are available for additional guidance.

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The fourth step of the process provides a list of organic compounds that are similar to Hg. Finally, for each of the compounds in the second step, the student can check the name of a reference material (or an online resource) to help confirm the identity. The fifth step consists of writing the name of the first carbon element of each molecule of Hg, as well as the names of all carbon atoms of other compounds in the molecule. Then, the student checks whether there are any substituents in the system, such as sulfur or nitrogen, that would alter the properties of the compound. Substitution factors are listed separately.

Next, the student checks the formula that describes the relationship between a carbon base and a noncarbonate ion. This step is usually easy because the student already knows the properties of a carbon base. Formulas are available, in chemistry textbooks and on websites, that are used to specify the properties of the carbon base in terms of electronegativities, ion selectivity, and coupling selectivity. If the student is uncertain about one of the steps, he or she can review the formula and consult an expert for clarification.

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The sixth step involves the identification of individual ions of Hg and N-heterocyclic compounds. The student identifies the ion by noting its electronic charge and radicals state, using the appropriate formula. One example of such a formula is the Ions Charging Couple. After this step, students may return to the workbook and attempt to match the names of individual ion with the corresponding compounds.

The seventh step involves writing down the position of each ion in the molecule, based on their electric charge, using the appropriate formula. After this step, students may go back to the worksheet and attempt to match the names of individual compounds with their corresponding positions. Students may use their own names, if they are sufficiently advanced.

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The final step is to grade the student’s work. The grade is given based on the amount of detail included in the writing and the quality of thinking of the student. Grades are usually given on a letter-grading scale, ranging from A- through F. Students are encouraged to try out as many combinations as they can, so long as they do not violate any university policies. Students are also encouraged to make their own compositions using the Naming Compounds Worksheet. Students are able to keep all work and materials related to the assignment.

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