Health Triangle Worksheet

A Health Triangle is a four-tiered framework that evaluate the health impact of various health determinants, and can be a tool for prioritizing healthcare interventions. According to the triad, a person’s level of health depends on five independent factors: demographics, personal characteristics, personal health behavior, environmental exposures, and known health conditions. The Health Triangle includes three parts: Physical, emotional, and social. Indicators based on each of these four categories can provide an early identification of the problem and would guide further interventions. As such, this triad has been applied in many different settings, from population studies to clinical trials. However, the current paper discusses how the Health Triangle would be useful as a tool in monitoring and is prioritizing the different aspects of health, and how this would help in the management of the various health determinants.

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To begin, the triad made up of the four categories represents three key tenets of the current “mantra of health”. They are individual-based, preventive, and preventative. According to the Health Triangle, emotional health is just as important as physical health. Therefore, one should not only consider the effect of negative lifestyle factors on the physical health but also the emotional health.

One example of an emotional health inventory is the “Friday Night Lights” questionnaire, which was created by a team of researchers led by David Norton and Jennifer Schneider. This questionnaire consists of questions regarding the persons’ feelings on seven items: general anxiety, social support from family and friends, feeling of worthlessness, perfectionism, perfection sensitivity, pessimism, and sense of humor. The overall self-concept was then analyzed using a mathematical model that included the elements of personality, or the “personal structure” element of the triad. The results showed that the most significant predictor of self-concept was the extent to which individuals agreed that they were a valuable member of a social network, and that feeling of worthlessness was negatively correlated with the extent to which people thought that they were a member of the community.

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This study illustrates the critical importance of building interpersonal support, and the resulting implications for preventive care. The “Friday Night Lights” questionnaire also illustrated the need for an accurate assessment of personal health. It is likely that the “Fridays” in the health triangle represents Friday nights in the physical realm (food eaten, time spent with loved ones, and other social activities), but Friday nights in the emotional realm (emotional support received) were likely to be underestimated. Thus, understanding the importance of the “Friday Night Lights” in terms of our mental and emotional health can inform the care we provide for ourselves on a daily basis.

Although the “Fridays” in the health triangle represents the four elements of the triangle, it is important to realize that each of the elements has positive and negative implications for our health. For example, the “consume” element refers to the number of calories that we consume throughout the day. In addition, the “consume” health triangle highlights stressors (such as deadlines, social pressures, and inadequate time) that we often apply to the” Fridays”. While Friday nights should be free of stress, incorporating physical activity into the “Fridays” can help to reduce the impact of stress on Friday nights.

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The “Resources” section of the health triangle provides important information on any limitations that we may have. For instance, if you experience any limitations for physical activities or mental challenges, these should be highlighted. Likewise, if you are experiencing limitations for emotions, resources should be directed towards reducing these feelings. Finally, resource “X” should be identified if there is any information on any supplements or vitamins that you take, to improve or maintain your current diet. The health triangle helps to ensure that care is tailored to the health needs of the individual family.

Most health organizations to provide the services on a health triangle worksheet to their clients, to make them aware of what they need to consider when designing an Individual Health Care Plan (IHCP). However, many organizations also include the “triangle” within their “strategy” documents, or even provide examples of the “good triangles” in their IHCP publications. If you are a practitioner who has developed their own worksheet, you should incorporate all of the major elements from the health triangle, so that it is able to identify all of the health needs that individuals may have.

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Each of the three major trianglements – availability, cost, and priority – should be considered when formulating your IHCP. It is important to note that the triangle does not refer only to the three health factors mentioned above. There are other considerations to make, such as whether there are sufficient resources to address the gaps between the three factors, and how those resources should be allocated. All of these factors should be considered when formulating your IHCP.

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