Domain and Range Worksheet

Domain and range worksheets are elementary building blocks of any domain management system. Domain is the generic term for the set of logical values for an object given a name and an address. A domain name represents a unique identifier for a particular instance of something. Range represents the space over which the names of the objects lie.

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In case you have not heard, the Internet is a domain of inter-linkage; in other words, it is a graph of people, things, and information coming together. The domain can be thought of as a list of places where objects can be located or entity graph representation of relationships among entities. When we talk of an entity, we mean a human, a computer, or an animal. A graph, on the other hand, shows how the relationship among entities has been determined and what relationships exist between entities. Domain and range worksheets help us identify those relationships.

In case you have not heard, domain and range worksheet is an essential part of any managed domains software package. These tools help managers make accurate graphs that show the domain hierarchy and relationships among them. So, when you write a domain hierarchy in Excel, the domain worksheet enables you to write yes or no answer to the question how many levels or sub-domains exist. It gives a graphical representation of your query or problem. You can even visualize domain hierarchy at different zoom levels. This will enable you to review earlier sub-topics and come up with improved solutions.

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Domain and range worksheet are useful when you want to plot a relationship between two or more domain objects. Domain represents the specific instance and range represent the range of instances. These types of graphs are called graphs of domain or graph of domain. For example, when you create a graph of the network, a domain graph shows network topology whereas a range graph provides details of the range of objects from which it is drawn.

The domain and range graph are useful for making network topology and other network related problems. In case if you want to write yes/no answers for questions like – What is the IP address of this domain? How many sub-domains exist under it? You should use the domain and range worksheet to find out these answers.

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Domain and range worksheets are also useful for understanding complex concepts like distributional distribution, logistic regression, and kurtz’s rule. It is easier to understand concepts like logistic regression and kurtz’s rule if you visualized them as a domain or range graph. Once you have visualized the concepts in the domain and range worksheet, you will be able to understand their theoretical background better.

Nowadays, the number of domain names and sub-domains is increasing day by day. Thus, the size of the domain and its extension increase too. If you try to analyze the expansion pattern of extension, you will find out that most of them have the same pattern over the first 10 years. As more domain names are added every day, the patterns of extension keep getting blurred.

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Therefore, the domain name and extension can become a fuzzy concept. However, once you start using Domain and Range worksheets for understanding the domain name and extensions, you will get details of each domain easily. You will also get to understand the nature of sub-domain, the wild-card characters, and wild cards in a domain name. Moreover, you will be able to make use of some cool tools like merge database and wildcard checker to analyze large domain name. By making use of such tools, you will not face any problem when you need to scrutinize large domain names.

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