Five Pillars Of Islam Worksheet

What are the Five Pillars of Islam and do they have any relevance to you as a Muslim living in a Western society? These are some interesting questions that many of my students ask when they want to know more about their faith. The first of these pillars is called sharia or law of God. It is the code of conduct for religious rituals and it governs all aspects of life in Islam.

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This includes but is not limited to, life in Islam. When a person adheres to this code of conduct, they will live according to the requirements of God. They will be allowed to enjoy all the basic human rights and freedoms – including freedom of speech and religion. People who sincerely follow the teachings of Islam and are true Muslims will never be discriminated against in any way. In fact, they will have the same rights as other citizens in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Secondly, the second Pillar of Islam is called Hafiz. This word means” intellect” and it is the basis for all of Islam’s knowledge. Knowledge is a key factor in gaining power in life – so those who are true Muslims must always strive to become better educated. In doing so, they can apply what they have learned to improve their life circumstances.

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The third pillar is Islaam or worship. All Muslims are required to have a mosque or temple to which they go to worship. Those who do not follow this principle are not Muslim and their marriage is not halal. The law of the land states that marriages between Muslim and non-Muslim should be arranged in a Muslim-based marriage hall.

The fourth principle is to’ziya. This means to bring peace and welfare to the world. Those who follow this principle are not to engage in violence – even if they use only in self-defense. They must, however, practice charity and share their knowledge with others.

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The fifth and final pillar on the five pillars of Islam is wirdi. This translates to “chain”. Wirdi refers to those things that tie one to his religion, community, and country. Anyone who does not follow this principle is considered to be a kaafir. Anyone who practices Islam is a mujahedeen.

The five pillars of Islam are a vital part of a Muslim’s life. By learning about them one can better understand his religion and how it affects his life. By following its dictates, you will not only gain knowledge of the true nature of Islam, but also of yourself as a person. By using the knowledge gained by this worksheet you can integrate it into your own life so that you can continue to benefit from its teachings and principles.

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By itself, these pillars cannot change your life. However, applying its principles can allow you to make the changes necessary for a more fulfilling and positive experience in your lives. Learn more about these pillars of Islam and apply them today in your daily life.

Education is the first pillar that must be followed. Learning about the pillars from your teacher or studying them in class will not help you much. You must understand that people who live by the guidelines of Islam are people who have experienced the true essence of it. By taking education in a classroom you will miss out on the many experiences that a person can have by living life by the principles of Islam. Instead you should immerse yourself in as much knowledge of Islam as you can so that when you look back on your time spent learning about these pillars, you will be able to appreciate all that you were taught.

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A well-balanced diet must also be a part of your lifestyle. By practicing strict Islamic dietary rules you will have a greater chance of gaining knowledge about the true meaning of eating right. When you eat foods from all around the world you will see a wide variety of dishes. By understanding the differences between such dishes you will have a better understanding of what Islam means to a believer.

The second set of pillars is to be patient and humble. By being humble you will be able to achieve anything that you put your mind too. A large number of people in the world want to achieve great things, but they never do because they feel they are not worthy people. By having a good attitude towards life you will be able to accomplish anything that you put your mind too. This is also why people that go through great hardships always seem to have a positive outlook towards life. There hardships teach us valuable lessons that we can use in our daily lives.

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The last set of pillars is to be cautious and careful at all times. You must never get carried away with your desires for wealth and beauty. By being greedy you will only create problems for yourself and those around you. Rather you must focus on earning money to be able to provide for your needs. Only by doing this you will have peace in your heart.

Academic munique 1 Pages 51 87 Text Version from five pillars of islam worksheet ,

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