Merit Badge Worksheets

Unofficial merit badge worksheets can be quite helpful for new Scourers. They are great for writing out information for a presentation or creating an outline for an essay. Some counselors will actually print copies of merit badge worksheets for Scouts and utilize them during class time for teaching the various merit badges. However, official merit badge sheets are not always necessary. Many Scourers may already have an idea in mind for each item. Here are some ideas for other ways to create worksheets.

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First, use your computer and check out several printable worksheets from the Internet. The official templates are free but many other resources charge. You can also download many freebie merit badges worksheets online. Use these as a guide for creating your own informational presentations or handouts.

Next, select a worksheet design that is suitable for the topic you want to teach. It should be large enough to contain the information you want to cover. Look for an outline or a blue card template for easy reference. For example, for teaching the “duty” badge qualifications, you would not need to print anything on the worksheets except for a few items on blue card sheets. If you want to use the worksheets for teaching other merit badges, then you could print a little extra text on a pink background, underlining the qualifications.

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Creating merit badge worksheets can also be fun. Let your Scourer or team mates know that you are planning to do a presentation on the next day. Post the meeting on the bulletin board of your office, and then ask each of your Scourers to bring one or two examples of their work to the meeting. Pass out the worksheets to the group so that they can show them off in front of the counselor.

You can also make your own merit badge worksheets if you are making an informational presentation to a group. Use the example lesson plans that you have prepared for the scouts to create the worksheets. The goal is for the counselors to look at the worksheets and learn new things from them. In this way, your counselor and the scouts will have a great bonding experience because of the information that they will find in the worksheets.

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Creating your own personal unofficial merit badge worksheets is also fun. Create a worksheet with questions that are designed to test the Scourers as they go through their own tasks. For example, you might ask the Scourers to show examples of what types of work they have completed during their patrol or training. When the Scourers are finished, you can review the answers and provide a written report with the answers. Using this technique, you can provide the scouts with a list of things that they have not successfully completed during their patrol or training session.

One thing that makes using worksheets a great idea for building up the team is that it keeps the members of the scouting organization interested in learning. Since the work is for other people, the Scourers will want to try them out. If they see other Scourers using the worksheets and getting good grades on them, they are likely to try to do the same. This will increase the number of people who are interested in learning about the organization and what the scouts have to offer. If you have a member that needs to take an extra course, create a worksheet that allows them to use the merit badges for that course. This will help them complete their requirements much quicker.

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Some other items that you could add to the worksheet would be things like, medical issues that the scouts have, training courses the scouts have taken and other special skills that could benefit the organization. When you give the scout the information they need to complete the merit badge, you are increasing their knowledge about what they need to do for the organization. In addition to using the worksheet to give the information to the scouts, you could also use it at the end of the year to show them where they are ranked and let them know how they are doing. When the year ends, the scouts will be looking for new leaders, so it is important to be able to provide them with a high standard of leadership to stand out from the rest. One of the best ways to do this is to provide the leaders with a worksheet that provides them with the tools they need to be able to rise to the top. When you provide the scouts with a worksheet like this, you help them succeed and you make their job easy.

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