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A few months ago, I was asked by a professor at the University of Minnesota about my views on environmental issues and how they affect ecological relationships. In my view, there are at least four key areas that we must all address. First, human interference in the environment must end. Second, the loss of natural resources must be limited. Third, human beings must respect and conserve the earths environment.

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The professor then asked me to develop a four part Ecological Relationships Work Sheet. He asked me to first write a paragraph or two about each of these four topics. Then he would ask me questions relating to each of the four topics. He wanted to know how I personally saw each of these issues, and where my thinking was regarding each of these.

He also wanted to know what my views were concerning man being ecologically related species. As it turns out, I really do believe that we are a part of nature. And that our existence is critical to the existence of all forms of life. Therefore, when we destroy that which makes life possible, we are directly causing a loss of ecologically valuable resources.

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Man is an important part of the ecosystem because he provides food, shelter, and a variety of other natural resources. Therefore, humans must be respected and not interfered with in any way. The ecosystem can neither support nor benefit from human interference. Man is essential to the existence of all forms of life.

Secondly, we must respect human rights. Our right to exist as a human being is not unlimited. We are guaranteed a right to live as we wish for the rest of our lives. It therefore goes without saying that we have the right to do the same for the resources that we use. The earth itself was created in the image of God and is a living planet. It requires the natural resources that it provides for its delicate operation.

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It is not only human beings that have a responsibility for the conservation of the earth’s resources. All forms of life and animal life need to be taken care of. They cannot exist without these valuable resources. This is the reason why animals must be taken off the endangered species list. Besides, there are other valuable resources that are protected by international laws.

Man is one of the most important part of the earth’s environment. And yet, many people see this aspect as meaningless. The earth’s resources are finite. There will come a point when they will no longer be available. Therefore, we as human beings should utilize these resources wisely and leave a little for future generations.

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How we treat our planet affects how we treat other human beings. A lot of harm has already been done. Now, it is time to do something about it. Utilize the ecological relationships program and promote the development of eco-friendly ways of living.

The earth’s natural resources are not just resources for us to use. These natural resources are also very essential to other living creatures. Animals need food, water, and shelter. It is also their right to be free from harmful environmental effects such as habitat loss and pollution.

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Humans are now the main consumers of these resources. In order for human beings to use these resources wisely, we must reduce our consumption. We should also try to protect the earth’s atmosphere. Doing so will help human beings live in a more sustainable way.

Many people are aware of the importance of preserving the ecological relationships between human beings and the natural environment. Some also want to ensure that the ecosystems are healthy. But some don’t even realize that the relationship between humans and the natural environment can also affect the use of the earth’s resources. Some would like to increase production at the expense of the natural resources. This would not just negatively affect the use of the resources but it would also negatively affect the ecosystem.

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How can we save the ecological relationships? We should be looking for eco-friendly solutions to enhance these relationships. Saving these eco-friendly relationships will benefit everyone. Humans should also be conscious of their personal consumption so as not to contribute to the depletion of the earth’s natural resources.

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