Simple Machines Worksheet

A Simple Machines Worksheet can be used in many different ways. It is a vital tool for someone in the business world who must make sure that a particular machine has everything that it needs in order to operate properly. One of these systems is the wheel. Each and every wheel on a car need a screw or bolt to attach it to the axle of the wheels. If any of these pieces of equipment are missing then it is very likely that the car will not function correctly and may even crash.

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To start off with this type of system a person will need a simple wheel wedge. This is simply a flat piece of wood that can be used to apply torque to any axle of a wheel by applying pressure on either side. This in turn will cause the wheel to rotate. The more times you apply the wedges the stronger the torque that is applied to the wheel axle.

Now, lets take a look at a simple machines worksheet that involves using a wedge to apply torque to an axle. You will need to have a sheet of plywood and a small table nearby. Next, draw two everyday examples on the plywood and label them A and B. Next, put a small weight on the top of each of the A and B and stand back.

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Now, put a light weight on the table and write the word “kwl” on the appropriate cell. Next, get a piece of paper and write the word “kwl” on it and attach a small weight to it so that it can be seen. This should be the word for the poundage needed for the axle of the wheel to move forward. When you have written this out you can write the poundage needed for the same weight in the next cell.

Now, write the first number down and another number on the next sheet. It should be the maximum allowable torque that the wheel can pull against the axle. For our example, we will use this to calculate the force that is required to move the axle forward. Write this number down as well so that you can read it after the force has been applied. This is the maximum amount of force that the simple machines can exert against the weight. You will also need to know the distance between the centers of the wheels and the center of the handlebars for your simple machine’s example.

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You can now add in another dimension for your torque. This is done by attaching a lever to the side of the frame that is opposite the wheel and another lever to the end of the frame that is next to the crank. This gives you a lever arm. The arm can then be moved left or right depending on which way you would like to exert the greatest amount of force. Using this knowledge, you will now go ahead and write the second dimension for your lever. This is the angle that the crank should be tilted against the horizontal axis.

You can see now how this works. Using the second dimensional measurement, engineers lever will now be able to determine the height of the piston rod that will attach to the end of the crank. Using this information, you can determine the amount of pressure that is exerted on the simple machine lever when you push it towards the y-axis. Finally, the last dimension to use is the z-axis. This dimension will allow you to determine the rotational speed of the simple machines example.

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This is just one example of how you can use a mechanical advantage to lift something. Using a mechanical advantage of this kind of design, you can make your machine do something that it was never intended to do in the first place. Engineers will be able to use this concept to improve the functionality of their simple machine. To do this, they will be able to make the most out of the simple machine.

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