Character Traits Worksheet 3rd Grade

Students in character development activities to learn how to develop a character’s strengths and weaknesses and how these traits can help guide them as they move through their various stages of life. A character traits worksheet is a valuable tool in character trait learning. The worksheet first divides a character into two major categories: human and animal. Then, each character type is given four or more positive and negative characteristics that they may have. Following these traits, the character traits worksheet enumerates them and teaches students what these traits mean in each category.

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Each character traits worksheet can cover a different character trait at a time. It is important to use all the available character traits listed for the purpose of building up a comprehensive list of character traits for all levels of learning. Third graders do not learn about all the different character traits in third grade. In this third grade lesson, it is important to limit the focus on human character traits. This means limiting the focus on human characteristics to the minimum necessary in order to explain concepts clearly.

For example, in a third-grade reading lesson, it is helpful to limit the focus to physical personality traits only. Physical personality traits such as neatness, extroversion, agreeableness, and so on, do not directly address comprehension. Instead, it would be more productive to teach students about verbal comprehension and memory skills. However, there may be times when comprehension is more difficult than physical presence. For this reason, developing an awareness of character traits associated with verbal expression can be helpful in the development of language comprehension.

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Developing and using character traits worksheet-3rd grade students should use a checklist that is organized by type of topic. For example, if the lesson is about growing taller, then the character traits worksheet should include items such as showing that people grow taller, relating this fact to human anatomy, and displaying how the human body grows. When creating the worksheet, make sure that you keep the related topics in mind and avoid covering unrelated topics that are not related to the lesson. You could also use other worksheets to support these ideas. Just be sure to group related topic together.

You could also use worksheet models from books for your 3rd graders. Using a worksheet model is especially helpful in teaching character traits worksheet 3rd grade students can use to add depth to their understanding of character traits. The following is a sample of a character-traits worksheet from the worksheet model “Teacher’s Guide to Teaching Character Traits in First Grades” by Joseph Lora (1990). This sample has been adapted to fit the third graders in the classroom.

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A. Students should write a descriptive sentence about each trait. This sentence could be something like “The teacher is very strict about dress code.” When describing characters, do not use words such as “such,” “like,” “this,” or “that.” These words do not describe the trait in the way it is described above. These words could cause the readers to get your meaning wrong.

B. After describing each trait, the students should list the characteristics associated with it on the worksheet. A description on a single page may be sufficient, but it is better to create a worksheet with two separate pages. Upper elementary students blog post contains all of the characteristics associated with each trait.

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C. The third grade students read their blog posts and then put them into their character traits worksheet. For example, if the first trait is dependent on the upper elementary students’ grades, the students would put that information on their worksheet. However, they could also put the word “graduation” instead of “grade.” Once they have listed all of the traits for each trait, they should arrange them in the order of importance. Finally, they should use the graphic organizer to make it easy for their students to read their worksheets.

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