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Looking for a prepared source to assist your next class to practice and hone their repetitive sub-division skills? Search no further! In this free resource, you will find a useful worksheet featuring five varied questions for preschoolers to investigate. Developed on the basis of the Simple Learning System for kindergarten, these questions are relevant to basic mathematics and help them in learning subtraction. The answers are presented in graphical form on the worksheet, making it very easy for kids to identify and extract the answer that best matches the question asked.

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Question one is ‘What is the square root of X?’ The child has to find the exact answer to this question using some knowledge of addition, subtraction and multiplication. The child is expected to apply addition and subtraction rules to each number that is input into the answer box. Once the child finds the answer for this question, he or she can proceed to the next question. These questions will repeat as many times as necessary until the child completes them all.

Question two is ‘How many ways are there to add an item to a total?’ After learning the multiplication rule for addition, the child must identify how many ways are there to multiply two things together. Using the multiplication rule again, the child should identify how many ways are there to add a total to these two items. Following this, the child must apply addition and subtraction to arrive at a sum of the original two items.

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Question three is ‘To divide a number into parts.’ This question will have similar instructions as the previous two. The child must identify the parts of a number and the corresponding operation to do to get from one part to another. Answers can be input in numeric form (either addition or subtraction), as a fraction (comparable to the fraction) or in terms of units (as in kilograms). As before, answering these questions is done by using the multiplication or division rule.

The fourth and last question on the set of Repeated Subtraction Worksheets is ‘What is the value of x when x is divided by y.’ For the purposes of this question, the child may use either multiplication or division. In either case, the answers are to be multiplied by the corresponding values in the denominator. In the multiplication question, the child should select the answer that best fits the question. In the division question, however, the child must choose the answer that best fits the argument presented in the question.

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In most cases, the repeating pattern used in these worksheets does not provide enough information to make it clear what the student is attempting to find. Because of this, teachers encourage their students to use at least some of the simpler answers (like the numbers in the even and odd parts of the range). An easy way to do this is for the student to write down the range of numbers being repeated and then ask the teacher whether the number being asked is in the range of those answers. When the teacher discovers that the number being asked is outside of the range of the simpler answers, she usually suggests that the student find the corresponding complex answer (a fraction, decimals, or a percentage) to which the answer must be multiplied with the corresponding numbers in the range. In other words, she encourages the student to solve a more difficult problem than is necessary for simple multiplication.

One other way that teachers help their students is by creating additional questions related to multiplication. The most common question in this category is ‘How many x’s are there before y is greater than x?’ In this example, the teacher asks the student to identify the parenthetical “but” used to express multiplication. If the answer to this question is not obvious from the context of the entire question, the teacher will usually provide some clarification so that the student can arrive at a reliable estimate of the answer.

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One final way that teachers provide instruction related to Repeated Subtraction Worksheets is by creating a set of questions and answers related to the subject. In the mathematics classroom, we refer to these worksheets as Problem Sets. In these sets, the teacher provides a set of problems related to the topic, along with at least one correct answer that she wants the student to select from the range of possible answers. Following the teacher’s lead, students select the correct answer, print it out on a separate sheet of paper, and then use the “bin” to store it away for later use.

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