Linear Programming Worksheet

Are you familiar with the Linear Programming Worksheet? Well, this type of worksheet is used in all types of industries, including the Oil and Gas, Banking, and Insurance sectors. In fact, it is often used by engineers or scientists in their work. In essence, it is a spreadsheet that uses rows and columns to represent different inputs to the data that needs to be calculated.

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Linear programming is the method of optimizing or minimizing a specific linear function; which is either an output or a cost. Basically, it is the process of taking different linear inequalities relative to the current situation and determining the most optimal value received. For instance, consider a gas station that has two cashiers registers that give paychecks of a certain amount per paycheck. Now, if the company implements a linear programming program that optimizes the differences between the two paychecks, then it will maximize profits. More importantly, if there is an optimal solution, then the company will be able to determine which register to give more money to employees, depending on the demand from customers.

In order to get answers from the worksheet, one simply needs to copy paste the formula into the cell where the required information is. If the required information is a variable name or a label, then it will automatically update the cell and the formula will be recalculated. Of course, if the cell is blank or if the data that needs to be calculated is not available, then you still have the option of using the arrow keys to move up or down the cells. This saves you time because you do not have to move from one cell to another just to find out what the answer is. There are also several visual guides present on linear programming worksheets that will help you reach the answers you want easily.

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If you type in the correct data and the cell displays the expected result, then you can go ahead and calculate the difference. It’s as easy as that. But you may run across a problem. Say, for example, you type in the price per product and the worksheet only displays the range of prices. How do you reach the bottom cost? The answer lies in the third worksheet – the answer key – which allows you to go all the way down to the last price in the list.

In this situation, the user has to use the edit worksheet, just like he would when she wants to make changes in the second and third worksheets. Here too, she uses the arrow keys to highlight the last price in the list. Once she does that, she clicks on the list she wants to go to and resets the value of the range she had just drawn. The process goes on until the desired results are achieved, which is reaching the bottom of the range displayed in the second and third worksheet.

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This is how it goes in most linear programming worksheets. What is more, it helps the person with little or no experience in accounting to perform the same task. Of course, the only difference is that she uses the mouse instead of the keyboard. The process is then the same as if she were to use the keyboard – but she gets the same result in the end.

For those who are new to Microsoft Excel, let me explain the difference between worksheet 1 and worksheets 2. In worksheet 1, Excel displays the entire table on the screen at one time. When she wants to change anything in this table, she performs the operation by clicking on the appropriate cell in the table. On the other hand, worksheets 2 shows a series of cells, one for each in the range of data to be entered. By clicking on the appropriate cell in the series of cells, she then enters a single value into that cell, thus completing the range of data displayed in the worksheet.

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If you have problems performing some of your daily tasks without much thought, you can resort to worksheet 2 to help you get back on track. Basically, you just need to type in your formulas one by one, click on an appropriate cell, enter the required values, and then hit the return key. Then, you will see the expected results, as the program will compare the entered formula and the results of the formula and ensure that the expected value is correctly entered into the corresponding cell.

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